DJ 2Mello Interview

Chew: Ahhh, The Infamous DJ 2Mello, what a gwaan sir?

2Mello: ahhhhh ketch Chew wid di yardman style!! yes bredrin whey di man a sey star! I’m good fam new day same grind as always sir.

Chew: Chew:In our first interview back in 2006 you were still in Balitmore, you’ve sinced move to Atlanta. How has that transition been?

2Mello: It definitely is a change of pace in comparison to Baltimore from a socio-economic perspective. Cost of living is a lot less expensive here than in Baltimore, the people are a lot more laid back and amicable to a point and the overall atmosphere of Atlanta compared to Baltimore is better in my opinion.

Chew: We touched on the mixtape game in B-More back then how does it compare to the mixtape game in the A in 2009? I’m sure the worlds are miles apart.

2Mello: Huge difference man, the ability to move units in your home state is better (mixtape dependent), the number of stores is a lot higher, the overall scene is a lot different than in comparison to Baltimore and dare i say its because of the caliber of mixtape djs that reside here.

Chew: At the time in 2006 you had been dropping mixtapes for 6 months, your now almost four years and change in the game. Any regrets?

2Mello: I have one, which is simply that i wish i had known back then what i know now. If i had the mentoring in 2006 that I’ve had since 2008 i would be in a different place.

Chew: To keep it 100, there’s a lot of bitch ass he said she said in the mixtape DJ community. I know everyone gets caught up in it at some point. Do you ever see things changing or is this how it is?

2Mello: No I don’t see things changing at all, I too am gonna keep it 100 with you I’ve been involved in that myself at times. It is in our nature as humans to follow drama and hot topics aka he said she said. Case in point why is there always several miles of traffic at the scene of an accident when the road is clear to go? people wanna see whats going on. Why when you’re in the hood and somebody says “fight!” you see people come running?, because they all wanna see who’s gonna get their ass beat. I’m not trying to justify the behavior by any means but what i am saying is that it occurs and will continue to occur as long as there are people involved.

Chew: In 2006 you had a fair amount of straight hip hop projects. Soon after you concentrated more on the RnB aspect and carved out a niche for yourself. We’ve been seeing more hip hop projects as of late from you but with an rnb twist to them. Is all about balance, or money or just doing what you feel?

2Mello: I would have to say its a little of each one. I work with Miami Kaos and we discuss numerous projects and their marketing ability no matter what they might be and if the concept is hot then we make it happen; case in point Young Money Menage, that cd has been a very successful release for us and that was inherently Kaos’ brain child. I also study the game and pay close attention to whats working and whats not working, talking to store owners and following sales to see what is moving and whats sitting.

Chew: You also have the website, Def proud of you opening your own online spot. How has that worked out for you? Have you been promoting it on your projects? Hows the feedback been from your fans now that you have a direct line to them?

2Mello: It definitely is a beautiful thing to have that “home base” as you so aptly describe it. The site overall is working ok, Rome wasn’t built in a day so with consistent promotion then I’m sure it will begin to grow in numbers. i have been promoting it on projects but I’m gonna step that up a notch. As far as the fans, i have gotten orders and feed from fans in places I didn’t think they ever heard of 2Mello so its a good look indeed.

Chew: Where do you see the mixtape game going in 2010? Its right around the corner. Is it going to implode? Will online rule all? Will CDs become extinct?

2Mello: 2Mello: 2Mello:Sigh, its really hard to tell. it might be the case that online will rule and that would mean folk might have to get out of the game including myself. Ive seen that people still clamor for physical cds though as in the case of No Ceilings where I’d been to places that had customers asking for it because they saw/heard it on the net, so who knows fam personally i will roll with whatever happens.

Chew: Reading the first interview I asked you about what keep you motivated and where you’ll be in 5 years. You mentioned the music and having Street Executives be world wide. Is that still true today or has the motivation changed?

2Mello: 2Mello:Shouts to the homie Teknikz even though I’m not with that team anymore he’s still family. Real talk Chew what motivates me is to get to that level where I’m respected as a quality mixtape dj because with that comes all the other outside amenities. I’ve seen first hand the difference a name can garner and it is my goal to get there. The music as motivation has not changed but I would say its lessened because of its disposability and how music listeners view cds these days.

Chew: If you as mixtape vet had to offer advice to a DJ trying to enter the mixtape game today, what would be the most important thing you could tell them?

2Mello: Stay humble and stay working, everything is not always what it seems. Don’t think you will be a household name in a short period because if you’re not willing to work then it ain’t gonna work.

Chew: As always sir, thanks for taking the time out to answer questions today. We wish you continued success. Any last words or shout outs?

2Mello: Thanks a lot to you as well sir for the opportunity, I’d just like to shout The Father, My Wife and The Force for always looking out for me with guidance and counsel no matter what the situation. it is because of you why any success i see occurs. Thanks again Chew much respek bredrin!!