DJ 2Mello – Primeval: Fuck Now Talk Later

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This mixtape has the ability to set off a night of straight fucking. You think I’m lying. Hahaha. It’s not just the music it’s the cover too. Say you have your female “friend” over to kick it right. Assuming drinks and/or smoke is involved and have been consumed, bring it up to your “friend” to check out this mixtape you just got. You throw the CD in and slide her the case with the cover. As soon as she peeps that cover you just set the tone for the evening and you got your theme music already playing. If you got game, you will do exactly what the two people are doing on the cover in a matter of minutes. If you don’t have game then you should have bought a Lil Wayne mixtape instead and went about your celibate life.

This isn’t Sport Center so we’re not highlighting tracks, especially off a slow jam’s mixtape. Couple of points about this project you should know about. The first is that the mix, the whole mix, is very smooth. That’s one of the most important things when you’re talking slow jams. No drops, just smooth mixing, smooth transitions and perfect timing. The last thing you want to hear when your third leg deep in the womb is a DJ shouting his name out. The second thing I want to point out is the track selection. 2Mello slides from Chris Browns “Take You Down” into 1993’s “Knockin The Boots” with H-Town and then back to somewhat current times with the “Bed” remix. It’s unconventional formula wise seeing most mixtaps either rock current jams or old school jams but rarely both. That’s a testament to the DJs ear for music and vision for the project. I also like that 2Mello, even with the old school joints, didn’t stick with just hits. It’s more about finding those seldom played or oft forgotten jams that still make panties wet and thongs pop.

I also want to mention that over everything else 2Mello has been connecting with his fans. See, when you put in work, do the little things to make a project as perfect as possible the real fans recognize that and they become loyal to your product. You develop a connection with the consumer and they fiend for you next release. All the best mixtape DJs over the years have done this. Many DJs, even the big name ones forgot about that. It’s more about frequency then it is quality, even knowing you need to have balance between the two. That’s why it’s easier now to convert another DJs fan base into your own. DJ 2Mello’s been paying attention, how about you?