DJ 2Mello – R&B Law & Order Take 2

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R&B is on the come back people. Radio is switching formats to a more “positive” urban appeal which equals more R&B music getting played. Mixtape wise there are few DJs that actually live in the R&B; lane. Some hop in to drop with their latest “exclusive” (laughs) and then they get right out. Some mixtape DJs can hop in the lane and drop quality product and hop back out. DJ 2 Mello however over the last few years is slowly carving his niche and making that name that is synonymous with R&B mixtape music. If you follow his mixtape “series” then you know the brand is growing every day.

If we’re talking current R&B albums right now you have to be fucking with Musiq Soulchild’s latest. “Ride Though” is just that…music to ride though, laid back…dude def gives you a vision in the music. Was I the only one who thought Jay Z’s verse on “Umbrella” was so so? I’m trying to remember what he said but the rhyme was so forgettable I even forgot what I had for lunch. The song itself is cool, nothing really special tho…we’ll see if radio pushes this one or let’s it fall off the face of the earth. On some true blue mixtape music type shit, Lydia Ceasar did her thing on the “Buddy” remix. That chic can sing people. Carl Thomas feat Fred Knuxx on “Two Pieces” was a good look, nice clean track. I can’t say I’m a big fan of R.L with “All Screwed Up”, track was decent tho. The joint with the most rewind appeal to me was “Be About Yours” with Keisha Chante and & Yummy Bingham. 2 Mello with the skills was a good look too. I think the Jay Z featured 8 bars rhyming over an R&B; track might be dead. That shit with Ne-Yo on “Call Me Crazy” was blah…he said “a sandwich short of a picnic” ??? Hahahaha. Ne-Yo has a nice album tho, I’ll give him that. The best Nycole Valentina track was “Holding The Knife”; nice little up tempo joint with a catch hook. You know what’s funny is my 6 year old daughter asked me the other day when “Buy U A Drink” came on the radio why the guy was saying lines from other songs (money in the bank line). I told her some people just can’t come up with original lines and she thought that was bad and she didn’t like the song anymore. Hahahaha, I’m teaching her young…no biting alowed!

Like I said above, 2 Mello in his own lane. He’s sticking to what he knows best and staying consistent…keys for success. I like the skills too, he had a good balance of that on here too. What I’ve been checking for lately with all mixtapes is the “vibe”. Did the DJ sound like they were feeling the music and having fun while putting the CD together. This time out with 2 Mello I think he was 50/50 on the music. I didn’t hear that “fun” vibe throughout, more or less just at certain times in the CD. 2 Mello is a student of the game tho so I expect him to get even more creative with the series while building relationships with these artists and also breaking new talent.