DJ 2Mello – Summer Breeze Slow Jams 3

Let me tell you what a Summer Breeze Slow Jam is. A Summer Breeze Slow Jam is a song that isn’t too fast, isn’t too slow (see mid-tempo) that contains a level of soul un-matched by the average song out today. Just like a summer breeze hits you in June as you sit outside…kinda of cool, not too warm…just right. You can still nod your head to it, you may even feel like a pimp, you may just be relaxed and in a good mood or you could quiet possibly get your freak on to it. It’s a versatile “slow jam” but the bottom line is it makes you feel good just like the summer breeze in June.

I don’t usually review the mixtapes I have anything to do with but this series as a whole is way too good to not do that anymore. Part 3 is my favorite, I had the most fun diggin’ for the music and seeing how the product turned out in the end. Shout to Kaos on the cover too, he most def adds to the whole series giving it that unique appeal.

Curtis Mayfield basically narrates this project. His words are the prelude to the tracks; they set the tone for the soul that’s displayed throughout. And best believe there’s more soul on here than you need. It’s that raw emotionally laced music that should, if you’re a normal person, touch your own soul. The music revolves around love; both gained and lost but that “theme” is what makes it emotional. Not only that it’s the instrumentation that brings that emotion out of the lyrics. You def don’t get that in 2009. It’s what we need tho so we have to look back for it and hope it influences the future.

There are some well know joints on here and some joints that were def dug up. The most soulful white boys of the 70s and 80s Hall & Oats epitomize that summer breeze with “She’s Gone”. That song has all of what I described above. You want unbridled emotion. “If Loving You Is Wrong” by James Ingram is just that. When I listen to “In The Mood”, I swear I’m wearing a butterfly collar and platform shoes. If there’s one song to get someone in the mood this is it. One of my favorite joints on here is “The Sly, Slick and The Wicked”. That song has it all people: funk, wicked bass line and a message too!
“Betcha By Golly Wow” is that head nod. Even if you can’t get into the lyrics, just that beat alone…the changes, the horns. It’s kind of a lovely type joint but it’s got hard edge to it once you get into it. Musically it gets no better than Curtis Mayfield himself. “Give Me Your Love” is the ultimate theme music. I don’t even need the lyrics, just the beat but when that hook hits….sheeeeeeeeeet. Another slept on jam has to be Al Wilson’s “Show And Tell”. That bass line is all hip-hop people, fuck with that joint, I’m telling you. You take a song like “We Can Make It If We Try”. That shit is funky but it’s got a message, something to uplift the people and keep your head nodding. We don’t have that in 2009. Def had to throw Chicago in the mix with “If You Leave Me Now”. The harmony is crazy but that joint knocks a lil something.

Enough talking, you need to discover the rest of the music on here for yourself. Do your soul a favor and cop this one. Even if you can’t cop it, at least download it somewhere, appreciate it, and let it inspire you to perhaps make music that’s just as soulful and inspirational for the future. Robert Flack and Donny Hathaway sing “Where Is The Love?”…it’s right on this mixtape.