DJ 2Mello & The Labor Department – The Remix Killa!

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I’ve gotten quite a few remix/blend mixtapes in the last week and it’s a beautiful thing. First and foremost with this project is to let it be know that Labor Dept got beats. No other way to put it. And when I say beats I don’t just mean beats, I mean production. It’s one thing for an MC to hop on a “beat” and flow. It’s a whole other thing when you can take a known track, that features a singer and maybe an MC with a quick 8 bars, and make that hit still sound like a hit. That means you have proper “production”.

That intro is serious people. I love the energy. It takes a lot to remix a Marvin Gaye song, seriously. They did it proper tho. Kind of gave it a 2010 sound while maintaining the vocals original integrity. “All Around The World” was a certified radio smash and the fact that this remix sounds like it could be that same smash only reinforces the fact The Labor Dept got hits in the stash. The bass on this joint had the rear view mirror trembling and I wasn’t even mad having to listen to Wayne’s bars either. Dead ass real, I think the beat used for the “I Want You Back” remix could be a monster track for any artist. I dug the blend, especially hearing Black Rob again but damn that beat is my shit. Fuck with it. Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge synth sound fan but the “Run It” remix had me running for the FF button. Probably just a lil too commercial sounding for my taste. I like the laid back vibe of the joint used for “Mrs. Officer” remix. Don’t think it fit the vocals all that well vibe wise, but the production by itself had me open. I think “Losin’ It” got potential, nice little think bass with that bounce. I personally do not be up in clubs like that anymore. Once you hit 30+ it’s time to be getting your lounge on, not the club but beat wise the shit for the “Damaged” remix def caught my ear. It plays well off the original in my opinion and I don’t think cats would lose a step if this came on in the mix of any club.

Besides being extremely consistent this year DJ 2Mello is starting to come into his own in other areas. Not only was this a collection of “blends” or “remixes” using original production, he actually mixed them together keeping the transitions more than proper. Plus, he got his hosting/vocal game on which added to the highlights of the music. This project is a showcase, flat out and it works. With it becoming increasingly difficult to get your production heard without it being stolen you need to get creative and this is the end result of that creativity.