DJ 2Mello – Time For Some Action

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It is without a doubt time for some action. The summer is heating up…literally. Vagina’s will be sweaty and thongs will be popped as RnB crushes it’s bastard child “hip hop” in albums sales and in overall mass appeal right now. 2Mello is fresh off the success of “Summer Breeze Slow Jams” and by the smell of all the panties that dropped because of that project he may just need to drop “Summers Eve…the big Douche” to help freshen the ladies back up to par.

I don’t know about you but that Usher album is pretty damn good. “Trading Places” is smooth and it’s got no MC featured which is always a plus these days. I never heard R.City before but “Losing It” is type fly with a mello bounce. Mario stays with a well written song and “Hello” is no different. I like how he worked Joe Budden into the mix with “Things You Do”…that was a different look and it was proper. I’m not ashamed to say I fuck with the “I Luv Your Girl” remix. I think the radio is getting to me. I had to laugh at “Deez Hoes” by Ray L. Shit was catchy but some of those lines had corny written all over them. On the RnB insider side of things you got Kimberly Gibbs. I was diggin’ “One In A Million”. That joint got a knock and a somewhat positive message to it too.

You got to love 2Mello’s formula and the fact he’s perfected his transitions. The flow of the CD is undeniable. He laces you with some hits, some new shit and of course those undercover/un-discovered talents on the R&B side of things. What else you want him to do?