DJ 2Mello – Undercover R&B: Battle of The Sexes

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Good to see 2Mello back in his niche coming with another tight concept for the bland ass R&B we are forced to listen to these days. As always….props on a proper mixtape intro to set the tone of the CD. I’m a little over critical on R&B; these days because there is no soul to the music only one and done hit records. Still DJ 2Mello forges on through he bullshit and finds a way to make shit happen.

I’m def diggin’ Monica. Well I’ll put it like this I would def “dig out” Monica if you know what I’m talking about….I might even eat that pussy. Damn, how sexist is that comment? Oh well…Monica = good, Dem Franchise Boys = bad. Don’t even front, I know some of yall been singing along to Shareefa with “I Need A Boss”. She ain’t need Luda on that song. Looks like the females are winning already. I’m not a fan of “Upgrade U”, Beyonce just reminds me of a banging ass broad with a mind like a bucket of paint. No matter how fat the ass is a dumb broad is a dumb broad. On the really real I thought 2Mello was slippin’ a little till he came with six back to back 2 Mello blends. That shit to me saved the CD and is the sole reason I consider this a bangin’ mixtape. Although “Hood Boy” is cool as track to “World Premier” too. Out the blends I was getting my highway on to “Me and Dude” which has Beanie Man vs Cassie and “One Fine Ass Thing” with Amerie vs Lil Scrappy vs Jackie O. Now that was a potent combination of artist on one blend. Not to be out done I gotta shout out DJ Sean with his version of “You Should Get Up” with Ciara vs Chamillionaire and Raheen Devaughn. I still think that Chamillionaire line “my swaggers like a dagger” is the corniest line I hear all year; shit make me laugh every time I say it.

Transitions, transitions, transitions people. If the transitions aren’t right I can’t fuck with it, co-sign it or put it out there as such. Its the little details that separate the have’s from the have not’s and 2Mello is def minding his P’s and Q’s with the little things. If you every played ball I know you had to at some point in your career hear a coach tell you that the little things win championships. Well 2007 is looking full of potential so far.