DJ 2Mello – Undercover R&B: First Look

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Do people still think you win in this mixtape game by dropping as many cds as you can at all times? I mean do we really think, especially with rnb, that there is enough good music to drop 4 projects a month? Quality in any mixtape genre will beat the shit out of quantity. People got the “grind” fucked up because its not about how many mixtapes you can release every month its about how many “good” mixtapes you can release….period. 2Mello understands this and it shows. And to prove my point even further, peep how Doo Wop came back and dropped a new Coolout Pt 3 and cats are still talking about it and will be for the rest of the new year. Back to business…lets see what 2Mello chef’d up for us today.

DJ Sean stays lacing an intro…shit was smooth as 12 virgins knitting a sweater. When that Michael Jackson drops forgetaboutit, this is that shit you play when you’re getting ready to go out for the night…put you in a good mood and shit. 2Mello on his game cause Deepside was type fly. “Feelin Like A Pimp” was a fitting title to the song. Mario says with some quality music in rotation. I’m telling you whoever writes his shit is a genius. Hate it or love it “The Boss!!” is a “commercial” hit…but you never know how the people will receive it now a days. Amir Alexander was a good find. “My Dreams” is that quality mixtape music, kind of got a Musiq Soulchild vibe going on but over that beat shit was type brolic. Its the same story with him on “I’m On My Way”…this is def a first look. Raheem Devaugh got his mixtape flip on with the “Roc Boys” remix. He’s another cat people sleep on…or at least I have been. The track I had on rewind like a fiend was another Amir Alexander joint…”Do Your Thang”. Beat wise dude reminds of how Donell Jones came into the game with those Eddie F produced joints. I’m still not sure how I feel about the new version of “Billie Jean”. I’m diggin’ the drums but it really wasn’t working for me, sounded like a mash up. Janet’s “Feedback” was a difficult listen for me too…that voice modulation crap has to go. If I want to hear that shit I’ll listen to some Zapp & Roger.

Props to 2Mello for shinning that spotlight on some new talent. If you don’t start checking for this cat Amir Alexander you’re truly sleeping and when you finally come around don’t forget to thank DJ 2Mello for doing what he does. It should be an interesting year in the R&B; mixtape world, DJs breaking artist now instead of following your local radio stations playlist. 2Mello keep setting those trends!