DJ 2Mello – Undercover R&B Grown & Sexy Ed.

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I wonder if the younger generation cats aspire to be “grown & sexy”? I know I didn’t when I was a young buck. I’ve said it before…I’m grown but far from sexy. That’s for the pretty boys who are 30+ and still in the club trying to slide up in a yooker. 2Mello is rocking back to back reviews up in the Mullet. Shit you’d be surprised at the lack of mixtapes we get now…especially on the R&B; tip. If you ever need an artist mixtape to we got plenty of those. Hahahaha.

Mario Winans laces Lil Kim for “If I Tell Ya”, track is def smooth. I’m def not fucking with Just Bleezy on the bars, Trey Songz tho on “Like Me” was straight. Props to J. Holiday for not having a MC rhyme on a track. I’m sick of the featured watered down 16 bars by “enter MCs name here”. At this point in the game I’d rather fuck bitches on their period than hear another MC featured on some R&B; shit. Question. Will anyone remember Mims this time next year? Not with features like this joint on “Without You”. Best song on the whole CD is “Candy’s World”…Uncle Murda and all. Props to DJ Hollywood too, he gave it that classic vibe fo’ sho. For some reason I always picture Keri Hilson as that chic from Superbad who got period blood on dude when they were dancing. I’m a sick bastard. Is that Jon B? Word….”Hot Tonight” was cool as a fan, gat in hand, I don’t wanna blast…Eve spitting that verbal intercourse too. I liked “Nowhere 2 Run”, keep breaking those artist 2Mello.

Ain’t no more to it people. 2Mello staying consistent as ever with the work. The mixtape def has that mass appeal…even tho those MC features are killing it for me. Gotta give the people what they want regardless. I’d like to see 2Mello bring it back a lil and maybe drop a concept mixtape for the old pimps out there. The R&B; game is missing that old school pimp theme music. You know that shit where you can school these young bucks and hopefully get them to stop tricking on these hoes.