DJ 2Mello – Undercover R&B

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I have to give 2Mello credit for sticking with RnB music. He must really have a passion for the genre. I just don’t hear the hit records anymore, there is no direction in RnB music and their certainly isn’t any diversification in the genre; only cookie cutter formulas force fed to the masses. There is however some decent artist bubbling under the surface, just like hiphop and that’s where DJ 2Mello comes into play.

You think it’s hard finding new, quality hip hop talent? Try finding some new RnB talent. I was diggin’ “I Can Hook It Up” by Janaia Malee with Lloyd. Shout out to Lloyd and The Inc…quietly selling records and still showing and proving in the music game. I’m not a big Megan Rochelle fan at all. “Who Are They” def doesn’t stand out from anything out right now…is this a B side? That shit was average at best. Damn, what the hell happened to Eve? Her verse sounds dated on “Like This” with Kelly Roland. Is that really Ne-Yo on “Put Your Hands Up”? I mean the track got a dance vibe to it but Ne-Yo sounds like he was the long lost member of Public Announcement. If you don’t have that Robin Thicke album go get it…old boy did his thing. “Ask Myself” is cool and laid back. I’m just glad RnB cats aren’t beefing any more. Lord forbid we never got to see Robin Thicke Vs Jon B, lol…it would be the “lets see how many black chics the white boy singer can pull contest”. About the only other RnB I’m fucking besides Robin Thicke is Musiq Soulchild, his new shit is dope and has some soul to it. Other than that if it ain’t new Mary J. Blige I’m not fucking with it.

The mixtape is def cop-able, the music as a whole was just cool and new but nothing that’ll knock your socks off. 2Mello keeping it funky with the mixing as usual, the formula is trump tight and there is def a vibe to the CD. As is true with hip hop if the music is cool than it just cool…no more no less. I already know 2Mello can mix, beat match, eq and make a mixtape flow…just need the bangin’ music to go with it.