DJ 2Mello – Undercover RnB

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I don’t know if you ever peeped Donnell Jones first CD but that shit is crazy and slept on. 2Mello coming thru with a quality host on some R&B shit. I like that DJs are finding their niche and going for broke. R&B; artist tend to sleep on mixtapes man but I got a feeling if 2Mello got anything to do with it he bout to change all that.

The joint with the Clipse is tight; “I’m Gonna Be”. Mr. Jones got a singing style that can ride with the Clipse. I’m gonna say it again, you can never go wrong putting Mary J Blige on a CD. Old or new it doesn’t matter. “Best Friend” isn’t her best track but it’s classic Mary in my opinion. That “Band Camp” joint is aight beat wise, shit was funny. The transition from “Work It” into Donnell Jones into “Fresh And Sexy” was crazy. This beat got a serious knock to it, I can’t front. I can’t fuck with Danity Kane man, don’t know what it is they just suck. I don’t care how many albums they sold. Makes me think Puffy went out and bought those joints. “She Likes It Rough” reminds of Donnell first album; it’s got the ill hip hop sample in the beat. The sleeper track of the CD is Lloyd with “Hit Da Floor”. Dude doing his thing, building his fan base.

2Mello back on his game fo’ real. The mixing is on point man, he keeps that vibe going throughout the CD. Donnell Jones actually hosts this CD from beginning to the middle to the end so you know shit is official. What I like about 2Mello’s formula is he hits you with some Top 40 joints, plays the best cuts from the host and finds some underground, barely bubblin’ joints to rock in between. Case in point that “Bandcamp” joint, “Work It” by Huli Shalone and “I Can’t” These joints were proper and can make a difference between a cop’able mixtape and some bangin’ music.