DJ 2Mello – Win Or Go Home

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DJs are breaking it down to the very last compound; win or go home. The title may have a different meaning but here’s how I see it. In today’s mixtape world its a mentality that you must have. The only problem I see is not too many DJs are actually winning and even few are realizing when its time to go home. If you’ve followed DJ 2Mello for a while now you know he’s stepped up the consistency and the overall packaging of his projects…props to him for taking it to the next level.

I’m diggin’ the energy on the intro; beat is amped up. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Lloyds follow up single “When I Hustle”…kinda generic if you ask me. Chili got some shit with “Straight Jack Em”. She sounds sexy as ever, that hook needs to be remixed tho. I hope Mtume is getting paid well from that Juicy song. “Let It Go” recycles the sample once again and does it justice. As much as I want to hate it, “I’m Chillin” with The Game is starting to grow on me; although I think I just got caught up in the 2Mello’s mix and he made it sound that much better. Megan Rochelle’s “My Mistake” surprised me; def formulaic but its catchy. Either Mario is a great singer of he just fucks with the best writers in the game because “How Do I Breathe” is smooth…Mario stays on some smooth shit too. God bless 2Mello for playing Sisqo. “Pop That” is lame but it took guts to play this joint. Trey Songz is a beast on the R&B; and def a lil slept on, “Missing You” has a well rounded sound for him but that hook needs to go. Def peep the Manny Faces remix of “Bartender”; I can’t stand T-Pain but that George Benson beat is straight classic.

Music wise I still think shit is average, I haven’t heard anything R&B; lately with any real soul to it. I know R&B; is selling well but regardless that doesn’t mean the music is good; case in point…T-Pain. He can write a song tho I’ll give him that. Above anything else it’s 2Mello’s mixing that kept me listening. He took some chances which for my ears didn’t pay off but you never know who will be feeling the music and it’s always important to have a mixtape DJ who actually “breaks” music…and that’s what 2Mello is doing.