DJ 31 Degreez – The Forecast Pt.8

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Today’s forcast calls for exclusive music and severe trunk rattling. I think it’s safe to say that southern mixtapes run the game right now. Every day there are new southern releases and you would think they would run out of muisc but they don’t. Maybe artist are following the Lil Weezy way of flooding the block or there are really that many “good” songs out there. Don’t get me started on “new” music versus “good” music again.

As much as I want to hate Lil Wayne “Duck Season” with Rick Ross is that 14-5 a key music. Really it’s just that beat with the classic Heart sample but Lil Stain did ride the beat well, I’ll give him that. Although that whole “give me back my girl / give me back my life” shit was type corny. “U Know What It Is” is gonna be a huge record. T.I. is about to own the summer with his latest album. I may have spoke too soon because Kiotti on “Crusin’ Fly” is making it’s own run as the best track of the CD. I don’t know who is fucking with Kiotti’s flow in the south right now. I’m def fucking with that rapid fire shit on “Throwaways”. Yung Joc actually rhyming on this track too, not that slow fluffy shit he usually spits. Gorilla Zoe ate them all up tho, I hope he can get his buzz back too. I tried to dig Juvenie on “Who Can I Run To” but that shit was just wack aka wack juice aka someone needs to get hit with a sock full of nickles for making this track. Fuck that, 31 Degreez should have rocked the whole song for “Duck Season” at the end, that’s my track too…RZA went in on his verse.

Like I said above the forcast calls for some exclusive music and some good music at that. 31 Degreez got some sense enough to make the track list flow and work the fader a little too. This is a cop heavy mixtape right here and got much burn in my ride the last couple of days. The game needs a new Kiotti mixtape at this point, anything less would be uncivilized.