DJ 4 Sho – Afficial Bizness 5

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Geolani stays on his game people, don’t front. He’s one of few artist/managers/business owners that actually walks the walks when he talks the talk. Plus he understands that actions speak louder than words, must be a disciple of the 48 Laws of Power. Hmmm. DJ 4 Sho is outta Va and he probably got part 6 done as I’m typing this.

“Big Spender” is a crazy ass beat; Cas, Dino West and Geolani make a good team. One of the most slept on MCs out right now is Dramills. “Ground Wit U Ni99as” is that pile of rocks in ya pocket theme music. Big Cas said “eclectic boogaloo” on “Diddy Bop”. I was rolling and that hook is catchy too. Best track on the CD to me is “Trouble”. Rain and Montega is cool colabo, the beat is tight and the hook is smooth like country crock. Good to see Brick Savvy on “Hang On”, dope track. Dan Deuce harmonizing a little bit with “On This Track”, surprised me a little but he still verbally beat the track in the head. Easily the hardest track of the CD is “Smoke It”. This is what you call catching a “3 to 9” on a track.

I enjoyed this CD man but I’ve heard better verses/tracks from every MC featured on here. 4 Sho needs to level some of the tracks out. For example the Trilogy and Laz joint “Don’t Play” was something I really wanted to peep but the lows was maxed and didn’t do the track justice. Maybe the track came that way, in that case it falls on the artist but if it doesn’t sound proper quality wise I wouldn’t play it. I did learn something new with this CD though; Capp N Kidd Wonder got some dope beats. I’ll catch ya’ll on part six, most likely coming very soon.