DJ 4Sho – Ryder Muzik 2

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DJ 4Sho is getting it in as of late. Didn’t Ryder Muzik just drop not to long ago? I love when cats jump their projects off with a real exclusive mixtape freestyle. That’s how all mixtapes used to be. Now a days…not so much but I see 4Sho knows what’s up. Hezzeleo with a classic mixtape flip on the “Real Freestyle”. Mad energy over that beat too…he owned it. I know internet cats have heard “Be A Ni99er Too” by Nas but you know what I want to see? All the old people and their reactions when some young white dude pulls up at a stop light with this track blaring…somewhere Nas is smiling like a mutha fucka. I think cats over analyzed this track…just enjoy the new track…Nas is fucking with your head. Joe Budden said Prodigy was like the Bobby Brown of hip hop; he had classics but his new shit is ehhhh. Really? I don’t know man. I’m listening to “Real Power Is People” and he’s got some jewels in there…not to mention that beat is all pissy stairways and blunt shavings. Did you hear Kool G Rap on “Hustler”? “Dude talk in a slick tone, I’m gonna lift homes / like and F5 tornado, I palm yayo”…ahhh I love that shit. While we’re talking bars lets get into “The Corner”. Ras Kass, Termanology and Doo Wop on a track? Sheeeeeeet. Wop said “get me like two dutches / if they out of strawberry fuck it / get the chocolate mousee plus a bag of bar-b-q utz”…ahhh man, painting that ill picture. It doesn’t matter that I once saw Smooth Da Hustlers first album in a $.99 bin at an Ames department start about 6 years ago…he can still spit that fire water. “Brooklyn” is all heart too…hook was ehhh tho. I like Jadakiss but “From Now Till Then” killed the energy 4Sho had built up to this point. What happened to Hell Rell anyway? He was riding high a few years ago but now…not so much. “Heavy Metal Musik” was lack luster at best…kind like Dipset right now. You’re sitting there reading this and I know you’re still sleeping on Reks. “Big Dream” is the name of song…just listen and if you can’t feel it…tell me go fuck myself and I’ll shut the fuck up. The rest of the tracks were cool but nothing I’m about to highlight.

4Sho had me sold thru about 3/4 of the project; that energy was there. Shit was building lovely for some exclusive shit but as the music goes so goes the vibe. He’s right there tho and it’s good to see him with that consistently dope product in the streets too. I’m thinking Ryder Muzik 3 is half way done as I type this too.