DJ 4Sho – Ryder Muzik

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Shout to DJ 4Sho…taking that road less traveled with the mixtapes. It’s easy playing MCs that cats might have never heard, the hard part is doing it consistently and that’s what 4Sho is bringing to the table. It says “east coast overdose edition” below the title so you know I had to listen to this joint. That mainstream east coast shit right now is like dropping your cell phone in a shitty toilet…it sucks.

Honestly, I didn’t like “Let’s Talk It Over”. I fuck with DV Alias Khryst and 50 Cent but this wasn’t moving me; shit was soft as a pillow lyrically. The Rakim joint “I’m Back” was cool as a fan; beat was ehh but lyrically Rakim will still eat cats alive. That Ranjahz joint “You Know That Ain’t Right” is crazy. Cats went in on that track with some flossin’ shit…I can dig it tho. R.I.P to the Byrd Gang…that group is all done. Stack Bundles is gone, Max B is gone and not even Two Five can save “However”. Best true ratched blowing track up on here is Smooth Da Hustler with “24 Hours”. I love how they flipped the Stewie from “Family Guy” clip in that shit. If you haven’t heard or seen for that matter Reks on “Pray 4 Me” then you’re living under a rock. I’m surprised “Hold It Down” didn’t get more mixtape love…Buckshot laid this beat to rest. Honestly, I thought “Queensbridge” with Iman Thug and them would be better but shit was tired. I see why it appeared near the end of the project tho.

4Sho sent me a few copies so I hit cats off at the weed spot with some, no verdict yet on what they thought about it but for me the joint is cop-able. True to the title it’s some Ryder Muzik, def not some shit for the ladies but more than sufficient as far as do dirt music goes. Right about now tho, I’m rewinding that Smooth Da Hustler track…if you ain’t heard it best get up on it.