DJ A-Smooth – Class Is In Session 2

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The young buck A-Smizzie is back at it again. Who says these young cats don’t do their history? A-Smooth is breaking down the classics like a vet. He has the cover work and the DJ skills to compliment those classics too…somebody did their homework on the mixtape game I see.

I can’t really highlight these tracks for the simple fact you know these but I will break down the timing of them; how and when I remember first bumping them too. “It Was A Good Day”, “NY State of Mind” and “C.R.E.A.M” all remind me of when I dropped out of college around 1993. 19 years old moved back in with mom dukes, no job, scrounging for cash…Raekwons “Heaven and Hell” got heavy play back around then as well. Red Man’s “How to Roll A Blunt” is the joint that ultimately led to the “dropping out of college”. University of New Haven, fall of 1992…mad blunts, 40’s and smoking beedies. “Slam” was the country white boy anthem. That’s when the whole rap/rock shit started to take off with Bio Hazard and others. When I hear “Bring The Pain”, I always picture the video with Method Man looking like a psycho with those contacts. One of his best songs ever. “How I Could Just Kill A Man” reminds me of my first ride I cop’d back around ’93-“94, the crisp white 1984 Dodge Omni (lol)…boom box in the back cause it only had AM radio, 1/8’ s and ¼’s for sale and my first pager…the good ‘old days. “Know The Ledge” from the movie Juice, if you’re a DJ you always remember this joint. That movie inspired 75% of the DJs in the world today…no bullshit; ask a DJ if you don’t believe me.

A-Smooth is what you would call “a DJ to keep your ears open” for. The skills are sharp as ever. My advice tho is to find that balance of “just enough” skill. Rocking doubles is the shit but bringing it back seven times on certain tracks…not so much. Most people want to hear the music and the “skills” should be used to compliment the track…too much “skills” and that’s when cats start FF tracks or worse…removing the CD altogether.