DJ Allure – Eurogang Vol 1: We Built This City

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Cats are fiendin’ for some new S.A.S. That whole Dipset affiliation sure soured with the Jimmy/Cam falling out. It’s a good thing tho cause S.A.S are talented and that situation wasn’t gonna pop anyway. Too many fake ass bullshit people in Dipset these days. (Ballin!) Anyway, Euro is that gang in more ways then one.

Villain is a new member of the Eurogang I guess and well dude gets it in like a vet on “Skrilla Kid Villain”. “The Ceiling” is that raw emotion, that head nod and they have enough time to give OnSmash a shout out in the rhyme too. The lines are slick and as wity as ever too, “Last time I got my ass whipped is when I was born”. On the hit record side of things you got “What’s It Gwon Be?”. This joint is knocking like six horny lesbians in a strap on dildo factory. Tell me that hook doesn’t get you open? I know I know cats still can’t get past the accent. (yawns) Time to remove your head from your ass already. I still can’t fuck with “Built This City” part 1 or 2 or whatever. I hated the original song they got that sample from, shit was drilled into my head as a teen so forgive me for hating that shit. Villian got an anthem with “I Still Move Work”, don’t sleep. Haze gets his shine on along side Max B with “Profiling”. The wave crosses the pond so to speak or maybe it’s vice versa. I can’t help but mention “International Paper”. I’ve heard it before but I mean come on, Styles P, Ransom and S.A.S? Shit, it gets no harder than that.

Solid, solid project from Allure. He drops quality every time regardless but I’m just saying. Couple things you can expect from Eurogang and S.A.S every time out the booth: the beats are as thick as ever and the witty fly bars are more potent too. They always have some of the best production of any MCs and that right there is a strong ass foundation. With that said, as soon as you can get your head out of your ass go listen to some good ass music.