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“I’m the man who supply, who supply, who supply YOU!” I love that Beans line off “Crew Love”. Not one of my favorite Roc-a-Fella joints but I stay fucking with Beans. I had to reminise on “Can I Get A…”, see Dimez and I used to get promo joints from Rob Love at Def Jam back in the day and I remember when this record came through. Dimez and I peeped it and pretty much Dimez took a big healthy shit on it in the feed back. I wouldn’t even do that much for the record. What happens next? That shit is a hit! Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but I still think that song in it’s essence, meaning rhyme wise, is hot garbage. (“Bounce wit me”. lol) It helped to change Jay Z from thorough street MC to mainstream Rap star; to each his own.

“Can’t Knock The Hustle” was my theme song in late ’95. Jay Z was speaking to my real life situation then, I could relate heavily. I don’t know how many of you remember Sauce Money but dude was lethal, like shots of Fire Water. He out shined every MC on “Reservoir Dogs”; “murder the whole month of April ni99a/ just to take May off/ run with more Germans than Adolf.” Truth be told I wasn’t diggin’ the tracklist after this point in the CD. Too many fluffy joints; “Frontin”, “Best Of Me”, “Shake It Off” ect. Now “Big Pimpin” was drenched in swagger. Honestly it was the first time I heard UGK but the shit did what it was supposed to do and made me go cop some old UGK back then. The rest of the tracks till the end of the project are bonafide hits. “Go Crazy” and the “Diamonds” Remix, even “U Don’t Know” is classic with MOP.

DJ Allure stays with a tight concept. He also drops some of the most thorough mixtapes in the game today; from the cover to the concept to the sound quality to the most basic mixing keeping it all the way mixtape. Gotta say it again; Allure stays dropping quality product time after time, nothing really really exclusive or out of this world skill wise on here, just a solid-cop’able mixtape. I’ve said before that Allure is a student of the game, now soon to be teacher; take notes people.