DJ Antalive – Old School Blends Vol. 1

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The game is fucked up people. DJ’s are going to the clink, rappers are fronting on them, niggas are scared to drop cd’s and blend joints were damn near phased out before the crack down. The way things are headed the only music we might be able to sell legally are dudes beat boxing, with no track list, and a black and white cover.

Most of you are too young to remember when mixtapes didn’t have a cover, but those were the days. The music was incredible and marketing wasn’t even a fraction of the industry. If your tapes didn’t move the crowd, your career was shorter than SKEELO (you tube that). With the invention of Pro Tools, the whole blend game changed. There aren’t any mistakes and the sound just isn’t what it used to be (I loved hearing the popping of a worn out record). You can blend 3 records effortlessly and those “mash up” dudes will drop ELVIS on a PUBLIC ENEMY instrumental. In the immortal words of JAMES BROWN, “I don’t know what this world is coming to!”

When I start longing for yesteryear, I pull out one of my old RON G mixtapes and listen to a real 3 turntable blend. That was the shit, but the beat on beat (when there is no accapella available) blend was his specialty. ANATALIVE keeps the tradition in affect with “OLD SCHOOL BLENDS VOL. 1”. THIS MIXTAPE IS NOT FOR THE YOUTH, unless you’re looking to be educated, because if you’re not over 27 years old, you won’t know any of these songs. “GAMES” is the 21st track, but it was the tightest although it wasn’t a beat on beat blend. “ANTALIVE STREET MIX” is my official “boom it in your jeep” blend.

This cd is definitely “old head” certified and it’s geared toward that audience, so I won’t expect the young’ns to support this one. But if you’re over 30 this is the type shit that you need to have in the ride, because coffee can’t be your only wake up in the morning! I know most of you won’t even listen to the clips, but I’m going to give you one more just to let you youngsters know where this shit started. We’ll ride out to “KEEP ON MOVIN”.