DJ Ayers & DJ Eleven – The Glamorous Life 3

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What you know about the Glamorous Life? I know I have parts 1 and 2 of this series so cop’n part 3 was a no brainer. Call me a sucker for good music and good mixtapes cause I’ll dig for change in my couch to cop a new project. Some mixtape heads might not be familiar with DJ Ayers and DJ Eleven but best believe they get it in on mixtapes.

It’s that smooth ass classic mixing; no more no less. The Glamorous Life is that 80’s shit. That sniffin’ coke in the bathroom of the club while some broad fixes your sink. Hairspray, loud ass colors and some of the latest fashions from Chess King…that’s what it represents for me. I can’t highlight the music that shit would be a crime cause if you don’t know them you have no business reading the rest of the review. He’s a taste tho…”A Little Bit Of Love”, “So Ruff, So Tuff”, “The Midas Touch”, “Mercedes Boy”, and my all time favorite joint…Ollie & Jerry’s “Breakin’, There’s No Stopping Us”. I did a breakin’ routine in front of my whole elementary school to that song back in 5th grade.

What I like best about these joints are there not the easy old school joints to play. It’s that minor hit that got some burn back in the day but you know that shit by heart. That’s the music on here and…it’s all mixed. Like a mixtape should be. Pause tapers move to the back, you’re not ready for the Glamorous Life.