DJ B-Roc & Statik Selektah – Gravity: Vol. 1 Debut of a Don

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Welcome Gravity to the Rapmullet review section. Gravity is an ill name for an MC if you ask me. Gravity in and of it self is some heavy shit, its the stuff that keep everyone and everything grounded. That’s deep right there depending on how you want to take it. Also welcome to DJ B-Roc. I’ve never heard his mixtapes before but I’m somewhat familiar with his production and I see by the track list his production is heavy on the CD.

“Not Your Average Rapper” sets off the CD properly. I mean the first eight bars got that wicked word play smacking you upside the head giving you a fresh one. Plus he’s got a sense of humor on the MIC with out sounding corny. The horn sample in “Debut Of A Don” had me buggin’. This joint is that straight head nod but I didn’t really care for the ad libs where the chorus should of been. The flow on “Breakdown” was cool. Gravity out shining J.R. Writer on the track. Speaking of flow, “I’m Gonna Get You” got Gravity switching gears but that hook was tired. The rhyme is some hungry shit tho, you can tell dude knows his way around a MIC. If you ever doubted Gravitys MIC skills than peep “In The Hood”; some shit he did when he was only 16 years old. I was loving that hook too, “cause I reside up in the burbs/ where every guys a fuckin’ herb/ they all got cash they don’t deserve / spend it all on blow and herb.” Gravity I think is 19 now and he def holds his own and then some along side Termanology on “Big Things”. I’m fucking the mixtape tracks like “Without My Glock Freestyle”. This is that beat you to an inch of your life music. He’s rhyming about pissing on chics and shit, that “I fucked her till she bled” type shit. Hoss slides through on “It’s Frightening” to lace a verse; always a good look. Best to overall track to me is “Ashes To Ashes with Styles P. From the beat to the cuts in the hook this is that joint right here, ain’t no more to it.

Line for line, word for word I can’t see many MCs hanging with Gravity. Put him up against a cat like Jibbs or fuck it even Nelly and he eats them alive. The only problem is those same MIC skills don’t always translate into record sales…one could only hope but still. Lyrically and skills wise Gravity is three and half tapes on this CD I gave it three cause I didn’t hear that signature “sound” from him. That shit that truly fits his flow, the word play and all that. He’s got the joint with Termanology that’s well rounded and potential “single” material but I didn’t hear him on a solo joint that I could say would be a viable single to push; not so much true radio but def mixshow and mixtapes. I think the word play especially would be lost on the average hip hop consumer but regardless the mixtape is def bangin’; and who said having MIC skills for days would be an easy road to travel. That sounds like a reverse MIC birth to me.