DJ Bedtyme – Respek Tha Arkitek

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Welcome DJ Bedtyme, for those that don’t know Bedtyme is Remy Ma’s DJs. He’s doing his thing, give it up ect. Anytime you got Guru hosting some shit I’m down to listen just on principle. Guru is a smart cat and you never know where you’re gonna pick up some knowledge. Plus he got some semi new shit too so let us see what’s poppin.

“Cave In” is knowledge people. No other way to put it and they flipped a nice vocal sample with that beat too on some James Bond type shit. Keeping it rough rugged and raw is Lace Stonze. I def see some potential there but there is always room to grow. A Pinks with “All On Your Own” is a classic track. I’m glad this song is doing it’s thing cause the shit is potent hip hop. Stack Bundles with G Kid was kinda week to me man. That beat and G Kid’s flow was mad basic and honestly Stack B did nothing for this track. Esso was cool as usual; “Essocentric” got a mellow groove with mad style. Staying with Guru, “Fa Keeps” is another jewel of a track and another trill ass vocal sample. Sha Stimuli got the sleeper track with “Famous”, that beat mildly annoys though.

The CD is cool man, def cop’able and there are some gems on here. The shit that holds it back is all the unknown MCs. Not saying they all trash but they don’t really shine, hence their far from polished. Props to Bedtyme for showing them mixtape love and for breaking new cats. Ya’ll know how it goes; you’re only as good as the music you put out. Bedtyme with his ear to the street is a good thing, especially for BK.