DJ Bedtyme357 Interview

Chew: Bedtyme357, one of the busiest in the game, how’s things?

Bedtyme357: It’s quiet like usual, but things have been well… there is no reason for me to complain. I’m blessed enough to experience another day and I appreciate each one that came before the present.

Chew: As usual you have had quite a year, nominated fo a Justo (‘Underground DJ of The Year), hosted Remy Ma’s highly anticipated ‘BlasRemy’ mixtape which got you a mention in Billboard Magazine, not to mention your recent sponsorship with liqour import JagerMeister and Clothing Line, Stall and Dean. What is it about Bedtyme357 that gains all of this recognition?

Bedtyme357: I think the geniuness of my character is what does it. There are so many who claim to be REAL or OFFICIAL, but once something is geniuine and not made up, people can appreciate it more.

Chew: Let’s take a step back,How did you link up with Remy Ma to become her official dj?

Bedtyme357: Both our management teams had put together a showcase in conjunction with SRC/Universal Records. Remy was a featured act that night and ironically, I was the DJ for the event; a couple days after, I left on tour in Europe and Remy’s album THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT REMY was released. While in Europe I got the call that Remy’s management was seeking my DJ services for a couple of shows and after maybe a month or so…Remy sent over the paperwork for me to OFFICIALLY sign on as her DJ.

Chew: Earlier in the year Remy was incarcerated, people wanna know how the Queen of NYC holding up?

Bedtyme357: Remy is holding up pretty well despite being incarcerated; thanks for asking. The motion for an appeal was recently filed and if things play out the way we would like, she may be home in time to celebrate the new year with us.

Chew: Since then aside from the aforementioned you have been on fire, Hate Money Radio is on 5 nights a week, the hate keeps coming!!! How long have you been on the air, and why do you feel the show is successful?

Bedtyme357: The show has been on air for about 3-4 yrs. and I feel it has remained a success becuase every HATES at some point of time. Hate Money Radio caters to the UNDERGROUND (unsigned/indie & some signed artists) which allows us to have a constant membership because there are a million and one artists looking to break into mainstream entertainment. With the radio program sticking to the script and not changing, we provide a no strings attached approach to getting your music heard on CABLE TELEVISION, FM, SATELLITE, or INTERNET radio.

Chew: You’ve been hosting a ton of mixtapes for unsigned artists such as Sic Osyrus, Lexx9Eleven, 2ew Gunn Ciz, as well as Drawzilla’s ‘Zilla’s World’ Vol 2, why are you so dedicated to the underground movement?

Bedtyme357: There is a wider variety of ingredients in that recipe…the underground. For the most part you can look in one direction and find 10-20 different types of musical influences that all play off one another, but sound nothing alike. Allowing many genres of music to get heard without discrimination.

Chew: You have also done some big RB tapes as well as a classic Hate Money Mixtape hosted by another individual who knows about Hate, Maino. Where is the mixtape game, in your eyes right now?

Bedtyme357: Not benefiting financially, but still as necessary. If you are not making money from them people started to look at it as why set aside the time to make them and I think that was the wrong approach. They still serve the very same purpose as before and may be needed more now than before, because there is a scarcity of them available to consumers.

Chew: With all that being said what’s next for Bedtyme?

Bedtyme357: Only God knows….If I awake to see tomorrow, I’m good with that because that’s the start I was anticipating. Before I forget…I’m in the process of putting together a masterpiece of an album which should be released in 2009. Thank you Flex, Clue, Kay Slay & Khaled for showing me that it can be done so now I’ma do it on my terms and make it just as successful as ya’ll mainstream releases.

Chew: Where can we find you online?

Bedtyme357:, 1.FM JAMZ,,,, and

Chew: Any Shouts?

Bedtyme357: The whole PFR Ent. (Chuck Massacure, 8ightball, welcome home Murda), Sicosyrus, Lexx 9eleven (The Real A.T.M/Money Mafia), 2ew Gunn Ciz, DWI (Da Matrix Studios), the whole 914…Mount Vernon, NY, Hood Gang and my management Inasirkl Music Group (Jhatch & Drawzilla). FREE REMY MA!!!!!!!