DJ Bedz & Brown Boy – Party To Go Vol. 8

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You know what the difference is between this mixtape and all those pause ass radio mixtapes? This mixtape is actually mixed. That’s the difference and what a difference it is. Peep the track list. Look at the track placement, like really dissect that shit and you can tell from without even listening to it that it’s mixed. “Make Me Better” is or is close to the #1 radio record in the country, it’s been featured as the top track on numerous R&B mixtapes but on here the shit drops at track 23. Why do you think that is? I’ll tell you…it was played where it fit into the mix. It’s as simple as that.

I listen to the radio when my daughters in the car and I hear the songs on this CD constantly but something about when the shit is mixed makes it very listen-able for me. That right there is the essence of a mixtape. Cats strayed so far away from that these days they can’t find their way back. Whether you like these songs or not when they are played properly in a mixtape you can’t deny the energy of the music and that is the direct effect of the DJs skills. Not just cutting and scratching but having the ability to know what to play, when to play it and how they want it played. We all know anyone can play music back to back with no feeling, slap a cover on it that’s all pretty and viola!…its a mixtape. Naw man it’s not a mixtape it’s a travesty.

I’m not gonna highlight these tracks but one in particular stands out to me; “Sexy Lady” by Yung Berg. I’ve heard this song so much on the radio its ridiculous but on mixtapes? Not really so much which is surprising cause it’s a catchy ass song. Dude kinda jacked Lil Wayne’s steelo and he got the crazy hook but it’s radio hit that it seems mixtapes slept on. The other comment I have about this mixtape is the title. “Party To Go” is corny as all hell, for those that remember the MTV Party To Go CDs you know what I mean. Cats wouldn’t be caught dead with one of those in their ride. Title aside DJ Bedz is getting it in on the mix, keeping hope alive that maybe, just maybe the “mix” will continue in mixtapes.