DJ Bedz – Party 2 Go Old School Edition Vol. 3

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I had to put this CD on blast today cause to be honest I had been “standing on the wall like I was poindexter” all week and it was fitting theme music. How the hell do you get Young MC to host your mixtape? That’s huge man. Cats sleep on Young MC but he got it in during his time, that “Bust A Move” video was and MTV staple. DJ Bedz making some serious noise out of Colorado…I see you man keep working hard and doing your thing.

I can’t even remember the last time I heard a King T record, let alone “Diss You”. The segue from Rolling Stones “Miss You” was tight too. “Feet don’t fail me now”….I’m loving the Parliament joints on here and the fact DJ Bedz was cutting up Santana’s “Evil Ways”. Of course he had to play “Mentirosa” after that…it’s mandatory. Shout to Mellow Man Ace on the early spanglish hip hop….”y maņana otra cosa”! I never get tired of listening to “Raw” by Big Daddy Kane. That’s the epitome of rhyming right there. Oh shit, Bedz played “Leave My Curl Alone”….crazy. I haven’t heard this joint is ten years easy. He freaked “007 (Shanty Town)” and Special Ed’s “I’m The Magnificent” too. Bedz def did a lil diggin’ with cuts like “Nothing Is The Same” and “Buzzsaw”. The original of original’s tho is “I Want’a Do Something Freaky To You”…straight classic instrumentation right there people. The only section of the mixtape that wasn’t moving me was the LL Cool J medley thing. I don’t know what it was but it seemed out of place to me.

This is that feel good music. The joint started out with some “old school” rarities which is cool considering most old school mixtapes stay with the “known” classics these days. The fact Bedz went to some Parliament and classic soul jamz early made this project what it is. The skills are sharp too, and his tag line is classic…”For those who like their mix cds…mixed”. Amen.