DJ Biz – Kiss Da Roc (The Story Of A Lyricist)

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Welcome DJ Biz to the Rapmullet review section. I think he’s been here before but I can’t remember. lol Anyway, by the cover you know this is a Jadakiss joint…a sort of best off if you may. I’m not the biggest “best of” supporter but I’m in the mood for some of Yonkers finest on the MIC so it is what it is.

“In weed terms I’m a couple pounds stronger…”, that’s my line from Jada’s verse off the “Blow Your Mind” remix. I feel like that’s how Rapmullet is right now…a couple pounds stronger. “I Run The Hood” is classic mixtape music…”And I don’t even wash clothes I just throw them away.” One of Kiss’ most descriptive verses was off the Ghostface joint “Run”. He needs to get back on that story telling shit to be honest. “Got a lot of hear, best part is I’m cleaver too…” Ahh man Kiss’ verse off “Where It Started At” is beyond classic. That shit was all about NYC too. The epitome of raw rhyming is that joint “Ride Around Shining”. If this joint doesn’t make you want to tear open a dutch after doing some dirt you’re not living. “Best of Me” and “Kiss Me” is that punk smooth shit; not really my thing but I suppose the ladies can dig it. I’m still fucking with “The Champ Is Here”…one off the classic songs of all time ever to drop on a mixtape. I remember when “We Gon Make It” dropped. Shit had the streets lit up like a Christmas tree. Its gonna take a record twice as good as that joint to get Jadakiss back to that level tho. The worst Jadakiss song ever made is up on here too; “J.A.D.A”. Jadakiss rhyming over a Dark Child beat = corny ass song. Who knows it was probably a electric guitar playing A&R; who set it up but cats was aiming for that almighty “cross-over” appeal. I could say the same about that “Down South” joint, cats trying to switch up on that “south” paw shit…nahh man it didn’t work.

Is this CD cop-able? Sure if you’re a Jadakiss fan I suppose but if you’re a fan you already own these joints. That’s where the average rating comes into play. It’s not bad but there’s nothing outstanding about it either. Not like Biz was cutting shit up or had any real “theme” to the track list…just straight Jada verses back to back. The title says “Story of a Lyricist” but all I really heard was some lyrics and no story.