DJ Blazita – New York New York 10

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“New York, New York big city of dreams…” Let me be the first to say “everything in NY isn’t always as it seems”. How come Blazita and only a handful of other NYC DJs are supporting their own? There’s talent people, you just got to find and support it. Which brings me too this cat Daath Nix. He absolutly murders that intro. I had to rewind that joint like three times. Shit was fresh like a wet nap after eating a shit sandwich. They he goes in on “Gown Folk Step” with that cross-over appeal…dude is versatile as hell. To me Cory Gunz is an aquired tast (super no gaylord). He has his moments, like when he murdered Wayne on his own track, but a joint like “Get Right Tonight” is mad generic. I stay bumpin “Let It Go”. Matter of fact the G-Unit album isn’t bad at all. Too bad their “fans” didn’t support it like they should have. is the gift and the curse for marketing. (goes back to bumping Sincerely Yours). How long till these rappers who had record deals in the mid to late 90s just fall the fuck off? I mean lets take the Lox. Are cats really eating that good? Even independent? I can’t call it but the sales aren’t there man. No fans left to make you go double platinum. That cross-over fan base that was making those numbers is gone, they only come out at select times for hip hop. (see wayne’s album sales). I like “Hustlers Prayer” chopped Biggie hook and all but is Jada gonna move units? Nope. He has no connection with his core fan base and I don’t think he can navigate the net that well. Shit 50 can’t even flip his site properly yet. Expect hit to top out around 20-25 K albums sold when and if he drops solo. Max B got fans, I can’t front but dude isn’t gonna pop off major without the Byrd Gang and vice versa. Peep the Byrd Gang album numbers and you’ll see what I mean. It’s a case of the split making both dudes fall off so to speak. “G’d Up” is decent but I’ve already forget it by now typing this. Dipset as a whole is over people. Accept it and move on. I’m gonna check that new Hell Rell album and after that it might be wrap for real. “Harlem Shuffle” ehhh, “Change” ehhh, shit is O.K. but it’s not standing out anymore. I like what AZ has been dropping tho. “The Secret” is lyrical prowess at it’s best and the beat knocks like landlords looking for late rent. I fuck with “Timbos & Range Rovs” but lets keep it real, cats ain’t really buying that flashy shit anymore. Cats is broke, trying to survive and it’s only gonna get worse with this economy. We need real life, not Rang Rovers cause cats can’t afford that shit anytime soon. Shout to Tom Gist tho on “I Wanna Win”, I was diggin’ that joint. Glad to see dude still gets it in on the MIC.

I fuck with Blazita on mixtapes, she does her thing. It’s a struggle in the street on this music shit tho, especially in NYC. Things are so up and down now half of these artist might not be around for NY NY 11.