DJ Blazita – New York New York 6 Dipset Edition

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Blazita is back to expose the masses to some of NYCs finest MCs. Contrary to what you may believe Dipset has some quality artist. Cam’ron is def not one of them and to a degree either is Jim Jones but dig a lil deeper and the real MCs are there to lyrically slap the shit outta you.

I’ve been bumpin’ “Go With You” since I heard it off that Lust mixtape. Byrd Gang will def miss Stack Bundles something fierce…Max B holding his own on here too. 40 Cal got word play people, I don’t know the fuck you’re listening too but “Good Morning” easily proves that shit. Fred Money? Not so much…he sounds like the other million MCs in NYC to me. Some of you may not know but J.R. Writer got a new deal a couple months ago and it was def lucrative for dude…stop hating on him cause he been put in his work on this rap shit and deserves that shit. With that said, “What A Thug About” was aight…that hook needs work. I haven’t cop’d that Hell Rell yet but I will at some point cause he’s given mixtapes some classics and you gotta support cats…”Ruger Rell” is that mixtape music. Good luck to J-Hood…Tales from the…never mind…I hope the lil homie gets another chance tho. “Explanation” is lackluster at best…he needs to get back on that feed the streets shit. Did you hear Banks go in on that “Rap City Freestyle”? Man, he hasn’t lost a step at all…he just needs the right production. The sleeper continues to be A Mafia. “Before I Met Camron” is that block music. It wouldn’t be a NYC mixtape without the Riot Squad on it. Their flip of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is the heart of mixtape music.

Blazita consistently doing her thing. I wasn’t blown away by this project but I got my NYC fix. I can think of some other MCs to fuck with but hey it was the Dipset edition. I’m still fucking with this mixtape series. Not to many NYC DJs making NYC mixtapes these days so props to her for leading when the pack is following the south.