DJ Blazita – New York New York : We’re Back

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Welcome DJ Blazita to the review section. There really isn’t anything better than a female DJ that can actually mix. Female DJs period are a rarity now a days never mind a female mixtape DJ so people need to support and give props when its warranted. Just by looking at the track list you can tell Blazita is on that Brooklyn shit; Red Cafe, Fabolous, and Jay Z. NYC is def well represented on the CD tho….lets see how the mix comes off.

I don’t know if it was just my copy of the CD but I got two jump offs with my copy. Meaning the shit started with the into and the first track and then it started again with the intro and the Clipse joint “Where You Been” which was nicely doubled up but kinda left me like “WTF” just happened. I kept it moving tho. “A Hustlers Wifey” with Jadakiss, Nas & AZ was cool, sounded more like a blend than anything else. Hmmmm. Honestly I don’t care to hear Diddy rhyme at all. Doesn’t matter who writes his rhymes he sounds funny style to me, especially on “Everything I Love”. He said “good wood packer”…..I don’t know that line got a little of the gayness to it, Puff might have a little Pepe Le Pew in him. Termanology killed that “Lost One’s Freestyle”. One of the few MCs that was able to capture the “real” life vibe of 2006. Is it just me or does Paul Cain got the same flow as Red Cafe? I don’t know man, cats need to let it go. Worst track of the whole CD was Fat Joe on “Dozen Roses”. That verse was limp wrist weak and I don’t think anyone is buying it. There is no way you have a “NY is Back” CD and not feature Stack Bundles and Ransom. “What Ya Hood Like” was owned by Ransom hands down. He’s the king of “shaving the white” music. The sleeper track was Mecca on “320 Spit”. She was going hard on the track.

A couple things that def could be improved. First up is the sound quality; levels were kinda all over the place. Considering all the “free” audio programs out there this can be fixed. Second, before some shit is shipped out it must be checked. Cats only get one chance to make a first impression and if the shit is fucked up….you looked fucked up. The formula was tight, the mixing was cool, and a couple rough transitions but these are all things that can be worked on. Ok, NYC is back but let’s see if Blazita can bring it back on the next one.