DJ Blazita – NY NY Vol. 9

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Is there anyone still screaming “we bringing NY back”? Some big dog MCs thought they could drop a couple tracks and shit would be all good but nahhhhhh man, it doesn’t work that way. NY has dope MCs but the “movements” that were strong a few years ago fell off. Perfect example: Dipset. It was their unity that made them strong but that shit is done. You got 50 Cent who’s been consistent with the music lately but it’s time for these new MCs to shine.

50 dominates the beginning of the CD and rightfully so…Blazita trying to move units while putting out quality product. You certainly wouldn’t put him at track 25 either now would you? “Grimey” is cool, Yayo said “boy George swag”…hmmm don’t think I would want that type of swag. What can I say about Nicki Minaj? Lets see…. picture of crotch with the “fat pussy” popping out and some mediocre bars = buzz. I’m not mad at it but if cats do their history lessons they’ll see that shit doesn’t work anymore as far as $$ is concerned. “Grindin Freestyle” was some decent mixtape music tho. Beat wise “I Like The Way She Do It” is big pile of crack. Cats need to flip that shit into their own mixtape music…somebody tell JArmz to get that instrumental out there. The Glaccius “freestyle” was some high caliber shit, I can dig it. Styles P on “The Life” was sub par when it came to the production. Hell, the lyrics too…def uninspired at best. “Money Is A Weapon” is that ratchet blowing music. Prodigy’s bars are “o-k” but what gets him over is the production…bottom line. Lord Tariq bodied his verse on “High Blood Pressure”…some cats never lose a step. Do remember AC with “Heart Gently Weeps”…that’s how you take another MCs beat and own it; good shit.

Blazita is consistently doing her thing, the grind is undeniable, much props. This release right here is doing what it do and without question is cop-able. She’s got a decent balance of music between the 50 Cents and the “Esso’s, Ali Vegas’, and Big Lou’s” of the project. Regardless of what joints are all over the net the streets need to be fed and Blazita been keeping them full.