DJ Blazita – NY NY We’re Back Vol. 5

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Is the east coast in the Rapmullet building? Are they still all crabs in a barrel? You better believe it! Let me ask you another question. What’s the difference between hip hop beef and healthy competition? Answer: The state of Hip Hop in NYC. The ship been sinking in the east and guess what…there’s only two life preservers left. One is a regular orange joint with a hole in the side, the other is iced out with two holsters, Gucci print with a secret compartment to hold your weed. Everyone is fighting for the Gucci joint not getting anywhere, sinking like a dead body in the Hudson River while the orange joint floats by itself on it’s way down the eastern seaboard. Ahhh NYC is killing itself.

That “Put on Your Seatbelts” joint was kinda aight. The joint def got my attention. I think myself and everyone else in the free world would better off if we didn’t have to hear “I Get Money” or any version of that song ever again! Red Cafe bodied Mims and Sean Kingston on the “Like This” remix. Fuck what you heard Red Cafe is a star on the MIC. That Remy and Raekwon joint sounded muddy to me, like it was recorded on the shitter. Is that the “Wipe Me Down” remix? Eewwwww what the fuck is Jadakiss doing on that joint? Trying to appeal to the south? Fuck outta here…just make good music. I’m fucking with that “Queens” joint. LL and Kool G Rap did their respective things. The real joints you should be checking for are Storm P and Remy on “Pick The Money Up”, Slick Watts and Tom Gist on “Stop Hatin” and LG with “Brooklyn MCs”…classic joint right there. I would say “My City” and Laz’s joint “Dream World” but you should already be up on those.

Blazita got a nice little series running with this one; def cop-able and def reppin’ that home town. Until NYC can get over itself, stop the jealously, and stop biting each other all you will be getting is good spotty music every couple months. Too much filler and not enough killer going on in the city that never sleeps…props to Blazita for shining the light tho on cats that deserve it.