DJ Blazita – Sex In The City Pt. 3

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I will not be going to see the Sex In The City movie but I will def be listening to the Sex In The City pt 3 mixtape. Unless there’s a big ass lesbian scene with all four of the movies co-stars but I doubt that. 90’s RnB straight up and down is the shit, from 1990 all the way to 1999. I think we should all thank Ron G because he set it off and Puffy jacked it to a whole other level. Blazita covers all years and even into the early 2000s sometimes but it’s all about the 90s RNB baby.

I’m listening to Jade’s “I Want to Love You Down” and I never remember the lyrics…”I wanna go down on you boy”…crazy. That shit had me buggin’ along with what sounds like “I wanna nut(?) in your hand”. Fo’ real? Damn I’ll never think of these women the same again. Hahaha. I’m gonna use that line too; “come here girl I just wanna nut in your hand”. I’m probably wrong about that line but it’s funny as hell regardless. That Gina Thompson song “The Things You Do” was everywhere when it dropped; it was like the “A-Millie” beat is now. “He He He how, he he he he how”…everyone remembers Missy’s line. For those who don’t know, Case had hits. I’m not ashamed to say I have a couple Case albums too. “Scandalous” was cool, not my favorite joint but cool nonetheless. I fuck with the “Honey” remix too, The Lox represented. I haven’t heard it in a minute tho, and I def remember that video back when MTV still played videos. Where the hell has Jon B been at? He’s probably on an island with mad black girls. Lol. He laced “Keep it Real” with Jay Z and SWV. I hated this joint when it first dropped, Dimez used to rock it in the club heavy tho and it worked. Jay Z said “cutie, I would truly do damage to your doobie” hahaha. Jay Z the pussy killer. The main reason Blazita makes this mixtape series pop off is by playing cuts like Aaliyah’s “Are You Ready”. It’s that borderline/long forgotten hit that brings you back. I always enjoy hearing “The Sweetest Thing” by Lauryn Hill. Just something about that track man, I can’t call it. Blazita brought it back with Aaron Halls “I Miss You”. He had some slow jam classics. I don’t think you can make a mixtape like this without some Mary J. Blige…”I Love You” is just pure classic-ness. If you don’t own the album that this track is on you’re a punk…straight up and down. We ridin’ out the highlights with Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be”. Don’t sleep on dudes first three albums either.

Blazita is on her game once again. This is easily my favorite mixtape series that she has. The project is well thought out, transitions were done proper and she rides the peaks and valleys of the track list like a vet. I can’t speak for you but for me this music brings back memories and that’s exactly what music should do. It gives you that time stamp of when you first heard it or when the radio killed it and makes you appreciate it that much more.