DJ Blazita – Sex & The City 2

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I hated that tv show Sex In The City man. My ex and current baby moms used to watch that shit, annoyed the fuck outta me. That fire bush Miranda on the show can get it tho…nothing like a red head with big tits. On another note, Blazita has a nice little mixtape series going with Sex In The City. It’s either that or I’m just really stuck in the 90s, lol. Not only that the shit is really a “mixed” tape, which is never ever a bad thing.

Puffy in the mid 90’s was part genius and part devil. Here’s why. He gave you joints like “Only You” and threw Biggie on that shit, little mellow, knocking beat and it’s a hit…a new trend was set off; the first real acceptance of what I call “rap and bullshit”…the new R&B.; Thing is tho we ate it up like fat people at a Pizza Hut lunch buffet. I don’t know one person who wasn’t bumping that song when it dropped. Then you got a joint like “Tell Me”. Same formula, Total singing and Mase on the bars(I say bars lightly tho…”I wanna give you karats till you feel like a rabbit”) sigh. Anyway, Puffy set it off and like everything else that goes mainstream cats copied the formula to death…and we are back to genius and devil. Who reading this remembers the video for “You’re Making Me High”? Toni Braxton in that white leather jump suit? Ahhh man I never wanted to dry hump a TV more than when that video came on. If there was one chic who I wanted to sit on my face in the mid 90s it was Toni Braxton. On the flip side we got SWV, those broads had some hits and leave it to Blazita to play the “Anything” remix with Wu Tang….that’s right Wu Tang. Not many cats knew or even remember that shit. I give her props for playing the Ron G remix of Mary J’s “Be Happy”…the youngest in charge was on his shit back then. You can’t talk about dry humping TVs without mentioning Janet Jackson on “Anytime Anyplace”…don’t get me started. Every red blooded American male wanted to motor-boat those titties and probably a few females too. This is the part of the CD where Blazita starts to slow and down and hits you with the “moaing” drops. The slow jams are cool but it was a trip to hear “If You Think I’m Jiggy” by the Lox. That shit doesn’t sound right anymore, especially with Jada on the hook. That Beans and Donnell Jones mix near the end was my shit!

I’m diggin that the track list was kind of all over the place, a few blends, some classic 90’s…shit was cool as a pool in the winter…and it was mixed. Blazita gives you in some spots a buck 20 or a buck 30 of music and then it’s on to the next track. That’s how shit is supposed to be when you talking mixtapes. You can’t have a 90s back in the day project with 16 tracks, shit doesn’t work that way…that’s some shit Time Life would put out. You need at least 37 tracks hitting you in the head to keep that foot on the gas pedal while you’re in the third lane about to wrap you ride around a telephone pole.