DJ Blazita – Sex & The City Vol. 1

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I’m looking at all the mixtapes that have dropped this year and do you know what I see? DJ Blazita being one of if not “the” most consistent female DJ to drop mixtapes this year. She is def putting some of you “pause” tape kings to shame with a little skill and some dope concepts. Sex & The City is the title but it’s all about the R&B Classics on here to get you 90’s R&B/Hip Hop heads open.

That intro was entertaining…that chic cursing Blazita out was going in and just showed how stupid chics can be sometimes. (no offense ladies). This intro def sets up the concept tho so once you peep the tracklist you know what it’s all about. I’m not gonna talk about the tracks per-say cause if you know your music you know these already but I will def comment on the mixing. From “If Your Girl Only Knew” to “Fucking You Tonight” to the remix for “Touch Me Tease Me” shit was smooth like a freshly shaved DJ CC beard. When that LL verse dropped behind Foxy’s last verse on “Touch Me Tease Me” I was officially open. To hear Foxy back then she was officially styling on the other female rappers…her swagger was undeniable back then. I see Blazita broke out the rare jewels with the “No One Else” remix…Foxy and Kim on a track is a rarity. “I Need You Tonight” is a rarity too…Junior Mafia minus Kim were wack ass hell on the MIC tho. Kind of a waste of dope Aaliya vocals if you ask me. Blazita must be saving some Total tracks for other installments of this series cause they had many hits off their first album. “Kissing You” is cool tho, def a track to reminisce on. Shit from “Kissing You” through till “Sex Is On My Mind” was some quality ass slow jams and mixing. The drop of the chic satisfying herself or being satisfied was a great compliment to the music…I would lose the loud ass horn drop used previously to this section tho. Straight up and down tho, the “Freak Like Me” Blazita mix after that Interlude was a pefect way to bring back the up temp shit. The best blend of the CD was the Blazita Blend of Brandy’s “Baby”. I ran this joint back to back to back. After “Freakin You” till the end of the CD it was all “wanna jump your girl when she’s fresh out the shower” music.

This mixtape had hella balance to it. Blazita rode the tempos well throughout, she hits you off with a few classics at the jump off, follows it up with some blends, slows it down to get your freak on, builds you back up for a minute tempo wise and then lets you try to beat the baby powder off your girls back side when she’s fresh out of the shower. I can dig it. The project is damn near a classic so I’m expecting great things from this mixtape series.