DJ Blazita & Superstar Jay – Who Watches NY?

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Not a lot of people in general watching NY, let’s be honest. These two DJs tho are keeping hope alive. To be honest this is an important mixtape. Not only that it’s actually mixed in parts which you know I’m a fan of. I try to maintain a “no pause tape” zone at all times but the real is pause tapes are like lice in a dirty elementary school these days.

I say this is an important mixtape because it’s a window into what the NY sound is right now. It actually has some balance to it, believe it or not. The first few joints is that NY club vibe that cats are pumpin’ out now. Now I can’t fuck with it personally but it does what it does for the people. “I Am The Club” is just that. Shit is dumbed down to short bus levels but that’s what the “people” want to hear and you can’t be mad at it. “Who’s Real” is annoying as hell with it’s simplistic call and response but…it works for the “people”. Even Red Cafe got in on the party with “Hottest In Da Hood” and I’m not mad at it. “Get My Paper” is smooth. D-Block got a lil club anthem and you can ride out to it too. This is a part of NY music right now. It’s the ever present pop bottles in the club music. It’s not new but it’s working for cats.

The other sound on here is the bars. The lyrics, the flow, the actual “mc is saying something ill” type of music. I know people are sleeping on Daath Nix but he’s got MIC skills. His “Get It In” freestyle is slick a freestyle I’ve heard all year. Home boy can spit and spit with ease. I’m fucking with “How to Be A Boss” too and I hate Jim Jones but a good record can’t be denied and this is a good record. Jada bends bars on “Kiss My Ass” and MOP reps on “Brooklyn” like no other right now. It’s an street anthem, undeniable. You got Maino and Push Montana trading verses on “Black Flag City”, shit is hard as concrete.

This is my thing tho. NY cats see how the “club” tracks are poppin’ a lil something. Selling on Itunes, radio play ect. You gotta have that balance tho. You can’t Ron Brown your way thru the game in ’09. That’s like eating the same thing for lunch everyday for a year straight. You need to balance out that diet. So to NY, give us those party feel good club anthems, but don’t forget to laces us with actual bars that contain substance. Some lyrical carbs, you need that if you NY. This mixtape got balance and not only that Blazita and Jay are strong together mixtape wise. Who’s watching them is the question. If you’re not you might get rick rolled right out the game. Pay attention!