DJ Block & DJ Hypnotic – 142nd & Lennox: Harlem’s Finest Jae Millz

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Who thinks Jae Millz can’t rhyme? No one, that’s what I thought. Who thinks Jae Millz makes hits? Ok, all of you put your hands down. See what I’m mean and there in lies the problem. Too many MCs that can rhyme but can’t make hits. I personally don’t need Jae Millz to make a hit record for me do dig his music, but if he is going to continue to make music in the future it’s necessary. DJ Block and Jae Millz is a good combination. Block makes mixtapes that he himself digs, you can tell by every release and that’s a good thing. Jae Millz does the same thing rhyme wise and it works for him. It is what it is.

“Do Ya Thing” freestyle sums up Millz style through and through. The word play, the flashy style and ease of lyrics is all the way Harlem to the end. Same holds true for “Heard Em Say”, classic mixtape freestyle. Ok so we know Millz can bang out a freestyle, that’s a given. What about an actual track? Enter “Lighter Days”, produced by The Heatmakers. Now I give credit where credit is due and Millz is able to switch up his subject matter but this record is far from a hit. The beat is cool but nothing more and Millz on the hook is bland. Since when did “everything” become a five syllable word? “Ya’ll dont Want It” featuring Maino was tight. This beat and hook will draw you in and hold your attention till the end, this is what I’m talking about. Oooooooooo, Millz ripped that Hot 9-7 freestyle. Way too many jewels and punch lines in that joint to mention. This joint made the CD worth cop’n, bottom line. The sleeper track of the CD is “Gangsta” with Slick Pulla. Rhyme wise Slick Pulla shined brightest but these two on a track is a real good look.

DJ Block and Hypnotic are swinging elbows mixtape wise, making some room in the game. I’d like to see him have more a presence on his joints besides a few drops. Make it know this is a Block mixtape and get his “brand” out there a little more to the masses. As far as Millz goes, he’s still and always will be a dope MC. The punch line is crazy and the swashbuckle is undeniable on the MIC. We’re still waiting on a hit record though. I’m starting to belive the more you “freestyle” on mixtapes the bigger and bigger that box becomes and the harder it is to get out of.