DJ Bobby Black – Crack Addiction: Young Jeezy & Andre 3000

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This is an ill combo of MCs; Jeezy and Andre 3000. I’m just glad he didn’t call it “best of both worlds”…that shit is played out like acid wash jeans and white girls with flat asses. You do get the best of the trap and the best bars in the south all in one mixtape tho. Not only is Bobby Black one of the most consistent mixtape DJs out there he will let you know it just by dropping that “new”…no need to talk about it and that’s how it should be.

We’re not going highlight crazy on the tracks but know this, Bobby Black is cutting up tracks on the transitions and is def keeping the “mix” in mixtape. If you don’t know by now Andre 3000 owned “Royal Flush”. And I quote: “is easier to run the streets than walk in the sand”…jewels people. Since this is a mixtape you gots to have freestyles. If you don’t have freestyles you are a compilation jockey…kill yourself. “All Eyes On Me” is that focused Jeezy, that shit to make you nod your head and wanna slap a bitch ass for saying some dumb shit. Truth be told Andre and Jeezy sound good as hell on a track. The Bobby Black remix of “Straight Drop” is the anthem. My favorite joint on here tho is “What A Job”. I can listen to Devin The Dude all day and how many times you hear MCs actual give praise to their craft like that…some lucky mutha fuckas too; pay homage if you got the talent. Bobby Black always come thru with some “live” clips too, “Bombs Over Baghdah” had that raw energy too. “I’m a Do Me” with Jeezy on that shit was classic mixtape material. That track is just infectious, no other way around it.

I fuck with Bobby Black mixtapes for the simple fact the shit is what raw mixtapes used to be. A DJ talking shit, with a good ear for music, showing some skill and giving you all that consistently. Not only that his cover work is proper and he stays with some promo too so as an artist you def want to be on his CDs. It’s safe to say the Crack Addiction mixtape series will not be stopped anytime soon.