DJ Bobby Black, DJ Shakim & DJ C Styles – Hypnotiq 4

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Finding a good blend mixtape these days is like finding hay in a needle stack….that shit is a painful ass process. Out of nowhere (not really) comes Hypnotiq 4 with DJ Bobby Black, DJ Shakim and DJ Styles. I can say with confidence here are three DJs that “get it” when it comes to a good ‘ol fashion blend mixtape.

Let me expound a lil bit. “GET IT” means this: classic beats and classic vocals with a lil new shit thrown in for good measure. You can’t drop these type of joints consistently given there’s only so much “classic” shit you can use but it def is a great thing to mix up your mixtape series. No pun intended. It’s funny to me cause I thought the Lloyd blend to open the project was the only wack blend. When I heard, the beat for “True Confessions” come in tho and “Should Of Let U Go” dropped I damn near shit my pants. Then they cut in MJB in at the end for shits and giggles I guess but it wasn’t necessary. That is a classic beat people, surprised cats don’t use if more often but hands down, this is my “traditional blend” of the year. The S.O.S Band makes an appearance of course then they let Lloyd’s “You” and Stephanie Mills’ “Something In the Way” do their things over “Verbal Intercourse” and “Put Ya Hands Where My Eyes Can See” respectively. I’m ending the highlights with New Editions “Once In a Lifetime Groove” over a Clipse classic beat. Can’t tell you which one you need to cop the CD to hear it for yourself.

That’s not even half the CD people but I’m not writing review novels over here. I’m not gonna call it a classic mixtape but I’ll be damn if I didn’t bump this all weekend all day. These DJs cooked up some marvelous shit…skills, classic beats, classic acapellas, perfect timing, just enough of each blend and they didn’t kill it with the talking/drops either. This right here is my Thanksgiving road trip theme music and another dope ass mixtape for the collection.

STop | November 30, 2008 12:39 AM | Reply

I just picked this up, shit was dope. review was on point Chew.

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! | December 1, 2008 7:23 PM | Reply

I got this in the mail from Bobby and just now listened to it, The review is definitely on point and well deserved because this cd is crazy!!