DJ Bobby Black – Down & Dirty 27

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Damn, he’s on #27 of this series…that’s when you know you’re deep in the game. I’m not a huge fan of the numbered mixtape series, I’m a concept head, but regardless the consistency cannot be denied. On top of that Bobby Black has Attitude ridin’ shotgun on here. For those down south Hip Hop fans who don’t know who Attitude is you’re not really fans of the south.

“When I Roll Up” is the latest joint from Attitude that their pushin’ right now. Honestly I’ve heard better from him but I’m not mad at the song. It’s cool, that classic Attitude intensity on the MIC. I need to try me some of that “Bagdad” tho…roll that shit, light that shit, smoke that shit. Like Bobby Black said on the mixtape…”Oh shit”…that’s some new 8-Ball with “Er Body Know Me”; the flow is timeless. Chubie Baby kind of ate Wayne alive on “Oh Yea”. He called himself the “black Patrick Swayze”…classic. Wayne suffers from O.S (over swag) as usual….saying shit that doesn’t make sense but saying it with conviction…that’s Wayne’s whole game…Zzzzzz. “Don’t Go There” is more my taste on some new Attitude music; proper hook, beat holds your ear and lets him do what he do best. I was doing Soulja Boys new dance “Shoot” last night and I got jumped by a group of 13 year olds…fucking haters man, just cause I do the dance better than they do. Hahahaha. Young Capone can rhyme but that hook for “Bowlegged” is just wack. Come on people step your hook game up. The only joint I was fucking with near the end of the CD was “Watching Me”…Slick Pulla needs to get some more shine people.

You know by the time I get done writing this Bobby Black will have Down & Dirty 28 finished and ready to be pressed up. That’s the grind now people accept it and adapt or go back to being a fan. There’s a lane for everyone in this mixtape game but sometime you just gotta swing them elbows and make some room. This CD is cool; couple of new joints I haven’t heard and a couple joints I could have done without ever hearing…as the 2007 anthem goes…. “it is what it is”.