DJ Bobby Black – Hypnotic

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Bobby Black is back in the building. It’s been a minute since he had a review and it’s a half blend half R&B; joint at that. Blends are in a funny spot overall right now. What’s apparent is that with the lack of quality new music it’s actually affecting the quality of blends. Now more than ever DJs are pulling from classic beats and acapellas to sustain the mix. Not sure about the “theme” of this project tho…”Hypnotic”. Looks like a regular collection of blends back to back and some R&B…simple; but we’ll see if its effective.

The “Intro” has energy, gotta give Bobby Black credit for that and the cuts were on point too. The first blend tho, “Run It” didn’t really sustain that energy captured on the intro. “Still On It” would have been a better jump off if you ask me. “Yo” followed up and kilt the energy again…maybe it’s just Chris Brown, who knows; tempos from blend to blend got me up and down. If you’re a blend fan you know yo need that smooth shit over hard as concrete beats and “So Sick” delivers over a rarely used Wu Tang beat. That’s it for the blends people. The R&B; rounds out the rest of the project. If I hear “Bartender” one more time I might go find T-Pain and stab him in the neck with an ice pick. Besides stabbing T Pain, I was diggin’ “S.O.S” by Robin Thicke. This joint needs an official remix and it would rule the airwaves.

I gotta keep it real with ya’ll, the R&B; on here was def average. Bobby gets bumped up a half a tape for the blends. I wasn’t diggin’ them all but it def added to the project. His strong points are the mixing skills and his MIC game. I think he could have done more blend wise but it is what it is. One thing Bobby Black did that I haven’t heard many DJs do at all is echoing out the end of tracks with precision…lost art right there people.