DJ Bobby Black – Kanye West Vs 50 Cent

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I told myself I was gonna review one of the Kanye Vs 50 Cent mixtapes. Surprisingly their weren’t as many as I thought there would be. Plus with Bobby Black you know he’s gonna use some skill and/or at least do an intro with some cuts. Considering both albums leaked last week the buzz is kinda low right now and cats is on that “wait and see” who sells the most albums…of course everyone’s got an opinion too. My thing is like this: both albums are so so and compared to their past releases the albums themselves are just not as good…bottom line.

I like how Bobby Black set up the track list tho, he actually placed comparable songs/concepts of songs back to back. Peep “I’m On Some Shit” vs “Barry Bonds”. That’s a great match up right there, although 50 Cent gets the nod cause that track is one of the hardest out right now. Then he pairs up “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” Live vs “I Get Money” Live. Out of those two songs tho I’m riding with Kanye…”I Get Money” live with Yayo as hype man is all mayonnaise. The various interviews Bobby Black laces throughout the joint def plays well and keeps the back and forth vibe alive. Think all the clips you’ve seen of 50 Cents interviews and the same for Kanye leading up to 9/11. Am I the only one who thinks “Follow My Lead” is a single waiting to flop? I mean this joint is so generic, so bland theirs nothing for the fans to relate to. I don’t even see the ladies fucking with it. That pedophile rap single formula is played out 50. From a mixtape freestyle standpoint Kanye’s verse for “Throw Some D’s” was crazy and same for 50 on “Part Time Lover”. In all actuality “Part Time Lover” has a better chance of jumping off than “Follow My Lead”…no lie.

The CD is def cop-able. Not really my thing on the VS mixtape concept but it’s a nice build up to the release. Shit was put together well for the most part, interviews between songs worked and the overall “theme” was executed properly.