DJ Bobby Blendz – Got Blendz

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Hey, do you got blends? I got blends but I don’t know about the rest of ya’ll. Do you think Bobby got blends? We’ll def see but when he emailed me he proclaimed this CD a “4 Tape” Classic. Never a good sign considering the only people that have ever done that have been DJ Finch (you know how that turned out) and DJ Rondevu (well deserved). Enough of the bullshit, let’s see if Bobby got blendz!

The intro was cool, he def put in some work, the shit was 1:43. From what I understand Bobby Blendz is a young cat coming outta Cape Cod. For the geographically challenged that’s in Massachusetts. Just by peeping the track list I see some top 40 joints and some classic so my interest is peaked some what. “In Love With A Stripper” blend is cool, I don’t think anyone wants to hear this track anymore though; original or blended. Train wreck number one people; “Unpredictable” blend. In no way, shape or form does this blend work. Yea technically the blend was on beat but that was it. Next up is a blend of “Country Grammer”. No need to say anything else about it. You ever watched you mother suck off the local drug dealer for some crack and then smoke that shit with her? Well that’s the feeling I got from listening to the “Feelin’ It” blend. Man, talk about shitin’ on a classic. When the chorus hits shit is off beat on some Ernest Goes to Camp type shit. I threw up in my mouth a little listening to this. Now the whole CD wasn’t bad, it had its moments. 2 Pac’s “Fear of Death” blend was some straight rider music. “If I Ruled The World” b/w Neyo’s “When Your Mad” was actual tight. The vibe of the vocal fits well with that beat suprisingly. On the flip side is a blend like “Hey Mamma”. How can you blend a deep, ode to ya Mom’s joint with Prodigy’s “Keep It Thoro”?

What did we learn today class? We learned that just because a blend is technically on point doesn’t mean it’s a hot blend. You have to take in to account the acapella you’re using and find a beat that vibes with it as well as makes the shit better than the original. Formula wise Bobby Blendz is on point. He’s beatmatching the transitions, his timing is there and he can make an intro. He just need to work on his ear for music, maybe develop some concepts and hit up the $9.99 drop man for some proper drops. Dig in some crates and find a way to flip that Top 40 shit better. It’s all well and good having your friends and a few bitches at school tell you shit is hot, now it’s time to get serious or let it go. Homework for today….run to your nearest online retailer and cop a Silva Sir-fa CD immediately and study that shit. Till next semester.