DJ Ca$his Kay – Blends For That Ass 6

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You ever get drunk, hook up with a chic, get amped up to taste the pussy and you end up with your tongue in her ass? Let me tell you that shit isn’t pleasant, you may have the broad sprung but let you taste a dingle berry and you will throw up on her stomach. Not that I ever did but I’m just saying. I’d prefer some “blends for that ass” to some tongue in her ass I know that. Ca$shis Kay back keeping blend hope alive. Let’s go!

Dead ass real, if I don’t nod my head off the first blend it’s a wrap. As the esteemed Premolac says “it’s bowel movements” from there on out. “Rider Pt. 2” over “Keepin It Gangsta” requires a neck brace so Ca$his Kay is straight with this one. I know the “A-Millie” beat been used to death but Freeway and Jay sound good as hell on the Millionaires remix, shit got that bounce to it. The vibe is cool as a fan up to this point. For some reason I don’t want to hear “Goodlife” over “Feelin’ It”. I applaud the “Reasonable Doubt” effort but it didn’t work for me. That “Go Crazy” blend was boring too. Ca$his Kay redeems himself with “Rap Doctors”, now that’s an ill ass beat. I love the how he switched up the vibe with “The World Is Yours” by Nas over “The Boss”. I thought the shit would lag on the hook but he pulled it off. I was fucking with the switches on “The Benjamin’s” blend too.

The best way to describe this project is just as a cool ass mixtape. It has it’s highs and lows and you just ride it out. Ca$his Kay has a good ear for music. Thing with blends is you can’t please everyone but you can consistently drop that good product and build that name. Moreover, that’s exactly what he’s doing.