DJ Cashis Kay – Blends For That Ass Pt. 2

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Welcome DJ Cashis Kay to the Rapmullet review section. I actually peeped part one of this series, Premolac aka Six Six put me up on the project. Dude has that classic blend style, a dope MIC game and a ear for what we here at Rapmullet call “third lane music”. If you don’t know about the third lane you either don’t have a car or a drivers license.

No bullshit, the “No One” blend set it off for me. He gave that shit a lil harder edge and it worked. I never heard of Tyra B but that “Giving Me A Rush” blend was smooth…classic beats get you over every time. It’s about time one of these blend cats brought Soul 2 Soul back with “Back To Life”. I don’t even really like the beat for “Money In The Bank” but the shit was working man. True to form he brought it way back with New Edition’s “A Little Bit Of Love”…time to switch lanes people, it’s getting a lil warm up in the ride. I don’t even know how the original track for “Lost In Love” sounds like but I’m fucking with the Cashis Kay blend version. The only real part of the CD that had me reaching for the FF button was the “Bartender” section. By that I mean the “Nasty Boy” blend and the actual “Bartender” blend. Shit was technically on point but that’s about as far as it went for me. I hate “Kiss Kiss” man, that song is like listening to grass grow but over Cam’rons’ “What Means The World To You” it got that bounce…shit had nodding I can’t front. Same with that Jagged Edge shit, it just worked. Shit was more then radio friendly without listening to the radio and that’s what you need to accomplish when you’re making that third lane music.

The mix as whole was tight. I think dude did his thing like a vet and with that MIC game he was bringing me back. I can’t say the project is some collectors item classic shit but it got much burn in my ride and I don’t even fuck with a lot of the original songs that are on here but that’s what a quality blend DJ will do…make you listen to some shit you normally wouldn’t and appreciate it. Be checking for Cashis Kay on that blend feel good muisc from now on people. Is 2008 the year that blend mixtapes take over “the exclusive”? Probably not stranger things have happened in this game.