DJ Cashis Kay & DJ O.P. – D Block Blends

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Some blends in the Rapmullet building, hallelujah. Cashis Kay stays consistent with it, one of only a handful of DJs keeping blend hope alive. I fuck with D Block so this is a go regardless. 2520NYC.COM is sponsoring, shout to them too. We going short and sweet (pause) on the reviews now so deal with it.

Shit that caught my ear off the top was “Gimme The Loot”. That’s a slept on beat for whatever reason, could be cause the shit is low but I works for Sheek & Styles P vocals. “Used to run with Universal but that shit was wing”. That line makes me laugh every time. “D Block Is The Wickedest” knocks too. Hard blends are rare but this joint will make you punch a hole in the wall. I love that “Murdergram” beat and Cashis Kay brought that shit in old school and I appreciate that shit. “I was cut from a cloth you can’t buy in a store”. I feel the same way Sheek, word to big bird. Anytime you have Styles P over “The Realest”, it’s a winner. Easily my favorite blend on here, I fuck with that beat like I do fat women and cocaine. Weakest blend to me on here was the Styles P and Nas joint “My Styles Greater”. Not that shit was off or anything, shit was just boring to me, fucked with the projects flow a lil too. That “Rock It Out” remix was redemption tho, that shit was neck brace material using Funky Child on the beat.

Def a bangin’ ass mixtape. A solid two week run in the ride and will be in the mixtape collection soon. That’s exactly what you want in a mixtape now in 2009. Cashis Kay still paying dues but it’s bout to pay off, best believe. His blends are def not “wing”. Lol