DJ Chong Wizard – American Ironman

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Put this mixtape concept in your pipe and smoke it. I did and damn if I didn’t get high as hell. Jay Z, Ghostface and the beats from Ghosts’ album Ironman; Chong Wizard tappin’ veins all over the world with this one. I don’t know if I can listen to another American Gangsta blend mixtape going forward. To borrow a line from Ghostface…Chong Wizard just Timothy McVeigh’d the American Gangsta acapella’s and Ironman beats.

The first joint to draw me into the project was “Black Super Hero Music”. Shit sounds so lovely in the ride I rocked if for damn near a day straight. “Hero or Villain” using Ghost’s verse from Criminology was next level. Chong took that joint and made it some brand new shit, switched the whole feel of those lyrics. The other 24-hour rewind joint was “Is This What Success All About”. The beat for Fish is knocking and Jay sounds like he was born to flow on it. “Pray For Camay”. that’s all I’m gonna say, listen to it and peep how Jay’s first verse trails off, the original hook off the beat comes in and Chong Wizard brings Jay right back; you gotta love the timing of this shit. I’m listening to “Blue Marvel” and I’m like that shit is fly right. Chong Wizard used what’s not really considered a well known beat off Ironman but the shit fit perfect; especially with skateboard P on the hook. Not only that but once you peep Jay’s last line “chef guess what I cooked…” and then Chong Wizard drops “Haunted” with Raekwon in the beginning…that’s the little nuances that make a classic mixtape a classic mixtape. Don’t get me started on “Haunted” either, that shit was fresh like Mentos. If you don’t nod your head to “Sweet Controller” you must be a crab with no hip hop soul. The best blend in my opinion tho is the last joint, “No Hook, No Weep”. The marriage between beat and vocal is glove like. Chong Wizard captures the vibe perfectly…a credit to his ear for music.

This is a classic mixtape. It has all the elements I know I look for when I listen to mixtapes…especially blends. It’s not just the actual blends themselves either. We know Chong Wizard can blend and chef up some crazy shit but it’s the little things that make American Ironman a classic. The choice of beats off Ironman, being able to maintain some of that 70’s appeal on the Jay Z vocals while maintaining a stranglehold on the whole drug dealer come up. I’ve played this joint for young cats not familiar with Ironman to tough, I’ve played if for older cats that are very familiar with that Ghost album, and the reactions are the same…let me get a copy of that! That right there is how you know you did your thing in creating a masterpiece for the masses.