DJ Chong Wizard – Bong Hits

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It’s good to have Chong Wizard dropping again. It’s been a minute and by the looks of the mixtape I might now why. Let’s see, Canadian weed…bongs…long time making a mixtape. Hahaha, I kid but I won’t sleep on the concept. There have been many “weed anthem” type mixtapes. Some good, some not so good. Yuckmouth is hosting so you know the shit will be funky.

Into wise the bong sounds were classic and so were the cuts. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I heard “Hits From The Bong” but “I just got an ounce in the mail….” Cypress Hill with a classic instructional track. I thinks cats forgot Keith Murray was a smoker. He had to be with the words he flipped on “Get Lifted”. Shit you can’t have a weed mixtape without some Redman on it. “Gave you a straight up shotgun when we were smoking / froze you so fast you looked like Maddona vogue’n”. I like how Chong Wizard slide in some current shit from Styles P with “Blow My Mind”. That was slick. Listening to Scarface’s version of “Mary Jane” brought back memories man. I think Scarface needs to drop again, I don’t care how old he his. If Jay Z is dropping gangsta albums Scarface can come back and drop too. Phoenix Jones with the ill flow on “The Weed Song”. This cat stays slept on but the MIC skills are undeniable. I was wondering if Chong Wizard was gonna throw some Devin The Dude on here…its only fitting that he appear on a concept like this. I can listen to “Doobie Ash Tray” all day man. If you’re an MC you can only hope to have a career like Devin The Dude. He was speaking truth on this track too. You know that Chong Wizard was high out his mind when he made “Can’t Help Myself”. That was a nice flip of the Four Tops tho.

The mixtape is def smoked out, can’t front. Chong Wizard got the nice interludes to hold and bring all the songs together. Cheech and Chong, Dave Chapelle, not to mention the various drops from some of the artist who’s songs are featured. If you’re out of weed right now you need to go scrap that bowl or bong and fire up some resin or some shit while you peep this here mixtape.