DJ Chong Wizard & DJ Drastik – West Coast Jeeeah

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Man come on now, MC Eiht and Ice Cube? Shhhhhhhit! Fuck that I was just amped up to hear MC Eiht host some shit. That’s gangsta right there and leave it to Chong Wizard to get him to lay down some classic shit. For those that don’t know Chong Wizard is west coast, even in Canada, act like ya know. I’m not real familiar with DJ Drastik but I heard he gets it in on the tables real serious. You would never hear me saying “Jeeeah” personally as a big white man but the shit is fly for a mixtape title and MC Eiht’s got it trade marked to death too.

Right out the box, “Compton’s Bac” is on rewind. MC Eiht on a laid back track that still got some thump to it. Ohhhh, I see know why Drastik is a turntable champ. Cuts was tight like my acid wash jeans back in 1988; he murders that intro. (somebody call the coroner). On the real, Hassas is an acquired taste on the MIC. I don’t think I’ve aquired it yet either but I did listen a few times if that’s any consolation. “Steve Largent got the coin toss”, I’m lost man. “Black Superman” blend is true mixtape music. I got my Swayze on to this shit in the ride, no lie. I can’t front on Mistah F.A.B, “Metros & Chirpers” is catchy as hell. Hold up….”West Side Ridin” is my anthem and they blended that shit right into “No One Else”; smooth man real smooth. Can we get a Spice 1 mixtape DJs? The sleeper track of the CD is B.A with “Hard”, dude was sharp with the lyrics. Now the classic joint you had to play back to back was Too Short with “Blow Job Betty”.

Not your typical West Coast mixtape people and that’s what make the CD pop off like it does. This is actuall a “mixed” CD, transitions were lovely. Drastic did his thing skill wise, I wish more DJs actually cut up an intro like that. There really ain’t nothing else to it man, it’s a Chong Wizard mixtape, you know the quality, the catalog and the classic hosts. Cop this shit and keep it moving…next!