DJ Chong Wizard & DJ G Spot – Hard Candy: Trap Edition

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Crack is good if you’re talking bout music. Crack is bad if you’re really smoking the shit. Chong Wizard and G Spot break crack music down to the very last compound with some new joints and old classics. Does that mean there was crack music before people even called it that? Hell yea, PE and NWA will account for that except crack was a very real thing affecting communities nation wide and now it’s like the shit is passĂ©.

Using New Jack City clips on a mixtape is nothing new. I like how Chong Wizard and G Spot flipped it though as it tells a story throughout and the classic Curtris Mayfield just added to the vibe among the all the other interludes. “Ghetto D” shows you how to cook up and Ghostface’s “Crack Spot” gives you the visual of what the crack spot actually looks like. The “Ten Crack Commandments” tell you what to do and what not to do, we’ll call it the knowledge track. Ahhhhh, onto the classics. “Dopeman” is that joint. Ice Cube at his uncut rawest; “strawberry just look and you’ll see her/ but don’t fuck around she’ll give ya goneriah.” Citty on “Da Cookie Man” is a catchy ass song people. My favorite track is Wise Intelligent on “A Genocide”. He literally breaks down the game, pitfalls and all up to the government level. If you never heard “Sellin’ Dope” you’re slacking on you’re crack music game. “D Dude” is that infectious track on some straight head nod shit. The sleeper track of the CD is Qualo with “CRACK”. He pretty much sums up the “overly” used word CRACK. Shit, my sentiments exactly.

I haven’t heard a mixtape stick to and turn out a concept this well in a minute. Chong Wizard and G Spot continue to push the limits of mixapes with actual mixing and concepts. Question> Is it safe to say CRACK is dead? At least on music? Think about it. Crack is a cheap, quick high. Is that what the music is today? Some might say it is, shit 80% of mixtapes are cheap, quick listens. Mad empty jewel cases on the ground. Do remember…just say no and crack kills. With that said this here CD, “Hard Candy” is……CRACK!